December 20, 2010

Sweet Rememberings~

Thinking about how times, relationships and expectations of loved ones have  changed:

Remembering Grandma Mobley- She never cooked my favorite food.  In fact I don't recall having a favorite food.  It was just good to have food. 

She didn't have a basket or box with toys set aside or bought for me and I don't even recall having a writing tablet or a special book she had for me or the other grandchildren to use at her house.

As a child I don't remember getting a letter or a love note from Grandma.  She never asked me what I wanted "Santa" to bring me and never went to a school function or special program I was in as a child.  I can't recall her ever giving me money  or sending me a birthday card.

So how is it that I have nothing but loving fond memories of my Grandma Mobley?

We never had a list of things she had to do in order to measure up as my grandma? She was who she was and we loved her ...just as she loved and accepted us, each one treasured  in her heart...none more than another.  She was my Grandma in a time when people accepted each other without trying to reshape and remake to suit us. She [or Grandpa] didn't have to do anything to be loved and treasured by me and all my cousins.

They didn't "measure up"...They didn't have to.  What a treasure!

December 18, 2010

Have a Berry Merry~and a Wonderful 2011

Yes, I am jumping past Christmastime quickly but a realistic assesment of the next week or so tells me to put aside blogging for a few weeks.

This is the time  I had intended to pause and have this past two years of my two blogs  compiled into a book for sharing with loved ones..I hope it will have some meaning and value for them perhaps they  will treasure it in some small way.

Christmastime is a mixed bag~it's a time of Joy and Giving, of sharing and Loving, and also a time of sadness~ remembering those loved ones not with us now and others so far away at Christmastime; however  I am reminded of how often & how long I have asked My Lord to "keep my heart tender" ~so there!!

[To be continued in 2011]

December 16, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods~

Leaving Troy, Alabama the early morning sunrise in the rear view mirror was amazing.  It was exciting getting on the road. [ Yeah, I know-it doesn't take much to excite us.] I love the skyline as we drive through or past the larger cities and the  southern landscape which shows more evergreen and some color changes to the bare dark,dark silhouette of the trees as we move color, no leaves but it has it's own distinctive wintry beauty.  I always remember this from our years in western Kentucky in the 1970's.  God made all kinds of beauty didn't He?

We knew to expect almost any kind of change in the weather and we got it..the changes! We had one whole day of non stop snowing, drove to church with snow and ice  and I think I was the only person  saying "It's so beautiful, it's all so beautiful anyway.". It was. For the first time in quite a while I had not only my heaviest [NOT] coat, scarves but two or three pairs of GLOVES..most winters I cannot even find my gloves.

One night the temperature got down to 5 degrees.Yes!  The next morning the neighbors dogs were the only ones with the sense to get out there and run and romp and play in all that wonderful white stuff.  Yes they were..I stood watching out the window while no one was yet awake..the dogs were like little children lightheartedly running about. 

When you are in western's worth the effort to locate and spend a little time in Grand Rivers/look for Pattie's 1880's Settlement..Omy, the lights, the shops the restaurants are festive enough even in July but in December it's like a miniature Disney setting..

After a bit more real winter and heading home [south] I couldn't resist the ooooooohs and ahhhhhs as we went past the rock walls in Tennessee and North Alabama with remnants of the ice  left hanging..don't laugh at me.  You must remember I am a girl who grew up in the deep south [ South Georgia ] we saw one day of 4 inches of snow in 1957 or was it 1958!
The ice on our windshield, outside mirrors and radio antenna didn't hang on too long and by the time we got home to Brundidge, Alabama [ an hour south of Montgomery] there was still time for MY plumber to repair the frozen and broken water line in the back yard before bedtime.  It was not a surprise because a neighbor had called while we were still hours away to give us a 'heads up' concerning the discovery.

Today it's another world-cool yes- but now the "plumber" has turned "carpenter" and is finishing the shed next to the shop-the roof will get done today.  How blessed I am to have the plumber, the carpenter, and many other professionals living under the same roof. What a man!!

November 27, 2010

Time Out~

~Time Out for an overnight trip with a group of lovely lovely ladies from church as we attend a Beth Moore Conference [Deeper Still ] in Birmingham..Friday and Saturday.

After two days of wonderful thinking, teaching, talking, laughing,sharing and amazing Worship with Music surely I will be inspired to leave a few thoughts to share with you.

mmm perhaps a few pictures too~we shall see!

The Days~The Season

God is so Good! Loving the excitement in the air...typical November in the deep south weather-sunny, a cool crisp fall feel and just enough breeze now and then.

 God really knows how to MAKE DAYS, doesn't he?

The old folks climbed into the attic this morning~hauled down the containers filled with strings of lights and other decorations for inside and outdoors.  The chore we mastered with the greatest amount of pride was  getting the [boxed] 9ft. tall Christmas tree down the attic stairs.  Actually it was easy all because of the way my helper had ingenuously wrapped,knotted and tied the box with a rope.  He held the free end while the long heavy box just slid down to the kitchen floor.  That knot tying course in the Navy comes in quite handy at times. 

While we aren't aiming to get the indoor project done until mid week we will be fairly organized now..the tree is together out on the screened in side porch..waiting for me to do the magic shaping and as my friend "Shirley" says FLUFFING up the branches. I have to be careful not to get ahead of myself..

This is the plan:  The outdoor lights and displays comes first..then the HOUSE CLEANING and finally the indoor decorations..sounds like a good plan.  I will let us know how it plays out. [to be continued]

November 17, 2010

Dancing Around -

All those ideas, the plans! It's that time again! Ahhhhhhh, Christmas!

mmm ..what am I planning..1st open house at Themarketplace-CLEANING at the  Harrison House,Thanksgiving at Johnny  & Loretta's, the stuff FROM THE ATTIC comes down -is fluffed , untangled, strung in place & put the right space....I know it's way too much - I  do SO ENJOY IT WHEN IT'S DONE! We both look forward to the  first night [just before dark] when Ted and I light all those candles in the bags/w sand.
We enjoy having OTHERS ENJOY our efforts..
Ahhhhh Christmas!!

Yes, I know, I know..Thanksgiving is not here yet but we do have to think ahead, right?
I am not going to totally skip The Season of Giving Thanks~ You do know we celebrate that all year long..I am made thankful daily as I observe life, Creation and people around me.

So..that's sounding like we'll be flipping the pages from Turkey Day to Jesus' Birth  for several all means~Let's celebrate!

[to be continued..]

November 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday-November 2010

Of course I am Thankful..that's a gift God gave me ~a Thankful Heart-even during dificult times.
I am so thankful for a husband to laugh with, who can still change  at 73 years old and who still treats me like a lady.  I don't even think I present as "a ladylike" person but my husband makes me feel special  like "a lady". 
Just this week as we ran back and forth to doctors' appointments I decided as we drove down the highway that I just really needed a cold drink.  No, he didn't want one but pulled off at the first opportunity.  I reached for the door handle and some money and he said: "I'll get it." And there I sat "like some special person" while he took care of my petty little wishes...returning with just the right a cup,not a can and on ice not in a bottle.
Now, how could I possible be anything but THANKFUL with a sweetheart like that? never gets old: I am so thankful for our three sons, and daughter.  Three of them are married and this year I get to say I am also humbly thankful for our oldest son's [never married] sweetheart who is becoming a wonderful part of our family already.  No, we don't know what the future holds there  but we sure are pleased with the way things look now. Everybody need's someone...especially men. God knew what He was doing when He planned this Family Thing,didn't He?

That Thankful expression wouldn't be complete without including our two daughters in law and our favorite son in law..Praise the Lord for  wonderful loving mates for our children. Quite honestly when I refer to "our children" that includes their spouses too..they are all 'ours', Our Family!
Did I mention the weather..Fall has been unusually beautiful in the deep south this year.

September 13, 2010

A Little Table for Tablescape Thursday~

A little early to mid century kitchen table [drop leaf formica top] is set to avoid having it used as a catch all where we toss our keys, mail, handbag,etc. The table is actually 'on loan' from a generous daughter in law. The little tea napkins to the left side are handmade and I love any excuse to use them. The fall candle  just discovered from some of my bargain finds last's atop a very old large wooden SPOOL. This candle was the finishing touch for the Little Tablescape. I plan to participate in Tablescape Thursday at
A little depression glass [pink plate] a little vintage Silverplate, a little vintage hand embroidery, a little fiestaware [Yellow] A small part of a chair is visible to the right . These chairs are part of a set [2] that came with a cast iron base,marble top ice cream shop set-from an old fashioned drug store in Palestine, Texas.

The teeny tiny salt and pepper are from a set w a sugar bowl-found it still in the box from the manufacturer..perhaps never used/in an estate sale. I wanted to show you the information on the base of the the cup..will spell it out for you. The saucer in my hand has this on the bottom: TAYLOR SMITH TAYLOR U.S.A.w number 8  37  2
[have had no luck locating replacement pieces, any suggestions ? ]

I like to mix in modern or new pieces like the little beveled mirror square and my wonderful Rooster found at half price in January last year~The sugar bowl lid has been broken..don't you hate that! I will continue to search for replacements on Ebay.[click on the picture to see a better picture of the silver pattern/dresden rose-reed & barton SP]

I wish the Reed & Barton Silver Plate/Dresden Rose [1953 ] showed up better..such a dainty girly pattern..I chose it 'last minute' when I was getting married but never worked on completing the set..after four children and  almost fifty years ended up with one dinner fork,period.  In 2006 I began searching Ebay and now have almost as much as anyone  would ever want..even some extras like Baby fork & spoon. There's enough to share with my Grand Daughters Dylan and Samantha. I hope they will want it.

The tablecloth is not really a table cloth..nor is it a table runner.  It's a vintage piece of hand embroidery that works just so perfectly for this little tablescape.
*oops I forgot to mention those precious little COFFEE SPOONS alongside the cups~am I the only one who thinks they are just "over the top?"

September 12, 2010

Projects List...aka "Good Intentions"

{ This picture is here because  he is key to getting these "perfect 7" projects done }

  1. * Restoring our Vintage Okeee & Merritt Gas Range & installing it in the Kitchen[This is a doozy of a project to take on ] We can check this one off as of March 2011                                                
  2. * Finish a website for my husband-staging and photographing his finished Wood Working projects
  3. Print my blogs into book form-content from January 2009 thru end of this year
  4. Start my wisteria coverd hideway in the back yard...I figure if it gets STARTED there's a very good chance of finishing..first the STARTING
  5. This is a big one..almost as big as #1> my water feature in the back yard..DONE.
  6. Get a shade structure or pergola over the patio with enough headspace to install my rustic iron CANDLABRA [over an outdoor dining space] Second thought: This ranks right there along with #1 and #5 too..we can all dream can't we?
  7. Begin a plan for a big special party that fell through last year. "I can do this myself."
This is where I ask for your expressions of "Good Luck," God Bless You, or Prayers!

* 2-13-2011  Progress made on these- "move in" day for the restored stove should be before the end of March and I am so amazed. This was Ted's idea. I did not press or nag to get it done [not for the past 3 years]. I call this a real labor of love- it tops "flowers and candy" any day in my book.

September 06, 2010

Analyzing me~

Another self analysis post:  when I was in high school I recall one of my classmates [ Faye Chancey] being called a VIVACIOUS personality type.  I was jealous.  I wanted to be called Fay.

Another blogger, Sandra at  recently prompted me to ask "Who do I know that I would describe as ELEGANT?" 

Then I began to examine myself as I started reading on the subject.
 [  ] That was discouraging.  Based on my reading so far there's no hope for me to be elegant.  Perhaps I should concentrate on Elegance in my environment  instead.  Something to consider!

Words I have begun to consider: Elegance, Gracious, Ladylike, Vivacious, Classic.
I will continue to follow Sandra's Elegance journey~I am here to learn!

I think that's enough to work on for now. I was about to say :"Wish me luck~" 
On second thought I think maybe real "Prayers" would be in order.

August 28, 2010

My Choices

I  wonder if anyone even notices the things around me that I consider special.
We don't use paper napkins and you will rarely find paper towels in my kitchen.

My liquid dish detergent is not in the DAWN bottle's in a crystal looking  bottle dispenser that is actually an Avon bottle [No, I don't collect avon bottles-just spotted this and it had my name on it]  I scrub my kitchen sink and hand wash dishes with a natural loofah sponge, just like those I grew near the farmhouse in Texas. In my bathroom I no longer have the sweet little nylon net bath scrubbies..I have natural loofah sponges not because they are fancy, exclusive or expensive but because it's one of those natural things I love.  I no longer buy potpourri, I make my own [no perfumed scent] from flowers, petals and blooms from our yard or herbs from my own herb bed near the kitchen door. It's not a snob's a NATURAL THING.

We don't stock styrofoam cups for you to drink from and rarely ever  have disposable plates-even for a large crowd.  God has blessed me to have a wonderful stock of dishes and flatware so why in the world would I use 'throw away' for people I love to invite to spend time or share a meal with us?
Oh yes, you were likely wondering about the paper issues.  When our daughter was in first grade and the three boys were about 5-7th grades I noticed that I was spending an exorbitant amount of money on items we could not eat when I did my grocery shopping.  I began looking for napkins on sale, fabric on sale and started making sets of cloth napkins-we were not trying to show off just trying to save money.  Oftentimes guests have walked by napkins and ask where the napkins are.  Years later I discovered the wonderfully cheap and very practical packages of flour sack dish towels at the dollar stores and Wal Mart and today those white, simple, no lint dish towels are on my list of "Jonell's favorite things."  They will bleach clean and are inexpensive enough that it's easy to restock several times a year.  It just feels like such a luxury having the kitchen drawers full of enough and some to spare that I can use them just as freely as we would paper towels.  Still after all these years even my children will  ask : "Mom where are the paper towels."

Another change over the years has been a move to buying ALL WHITE TOWELS AND LINENS.  Everything matches, the towels all bleach and for me the all white towels give me the feel of luxury in my bathroom.  I have chosen in recent years to buy the best bed linens I can afford to purchase..even if that means I only have two sets of sheets. These choices give me a feel of quality, abundance and comfort in our home. 

 It just doesn't take much to make me happy -such simple things in my life feel like abundance.

This works perfectly in this house for my bathroom. You guessed it, All white cotton shower curtains and matching window curtain [ something of a 'spa look']

A new bride, a young mother on a tight budget,can make a difference in her quality of life by making some basic choices..perhaps like these

Please note, these are my preferences, my choices.   I will not be offended if you use paper napkins & paper towels or serve me food on disposable plates.  These choices have nothing to do with making judgements concerning how you do things  when you entertain.  These are choices that make me comfortable and enjoy  life. the Harrison House. 


August 27, 2010

Let's Talk About Aprons

I wonder if Ree thepioneerwoman wears these pretty aprons when she's creating those great recipes for us!

Below you'll see left to right my first cousin Ileen, Aunt Laura Mobley, Eulita Mobley and Rachel Lee Mobley our Grandmother.  Aunt Laura is Ileen and Eulita's Mother. Note the aprons ..this is about as fancy as I recall their aprons being. This was either a family gathering [They did the cooking] or Tobacco harvesting day [they did the cooking for everyone]

I cannot say for sure about Aunt Laura or Ileen
but I am fairly confident that Grandma's aprons
were IRONED...maybe even STARCHED.

These first two apron patterns are showing really fancy styles-from my recall I just don't think we often saw our grandmas,mothers and aunts wearing such fancy style aprons-perhaps if your station in life called for hostessing/entertaining guests for special gatherings?  They definitely were not apron styles worn out in the garden to gather the

[above] I remember this style apron being worn by a  women in my life.  Oftentimes Grandma Mobley's apron [this style] would be without any colored trim or patterned fabric..that was often determined by what kind of feedsacks she ended up with.  The prettier patterns or colors were often 'saved" for some special sewing a child's Easter Dress.
One of our Grandchildren might ask at this point: Why would you wear one of these aprons? What were they used for? Some of the list of uses I have heard are: Drying the hands, carrying vegetables from the garden, keeping her dress clean while working in the kitchen or housecleaning, wiping perspiration from the face, wiping the runny nose of a small child, waving it to get the attention of her husband working out in the field-perhaps to let him know "dinner's ready." I imagine there are more you can think of-would you share with us?

August 24, 2010


FAMILIES..don't begin and end with Mother, Father and child; they began many years before you and spread out all around you [family CIRCLE?] Don't hold so tightly to that small inner circle that you miss all the loving and joy of the extended circle.


August 16, 2010

Yard Sale Post its

Second from the top picture is a hairpin curve going down the mountain. It took my breath away-I am such a wimp sometimes. You can see  Pop considering making an offer on the antique phone booth.  The shot of all the colorful birdhouse is an area where I almost got lost.  Truly there were so many vendors on each side of the highway Ted and I got separated -no continous cell phone service and in the midst of so many vendors I became a bit disoriented for a few minutes..sure was good to hear his distinct whistle trying to get my attention. I didn't admit to him that I had about lost my way! The "lovely" wagon was a modern day "covered wagon" I guess. The seats looked like two leather covered, lavender bucket seats taken from an automobile. So Funny~As crowded and bumper to bumper traffic as there was it really wasn't difficult.  One could cross the highway anywhere along the way because people knew what they were dealing with and continously paused to let walkers cross over. Only one crazy [oops can we cross that out] we observed who was bulldozing his way at a rude if not unlawful speed...not smart. I guess there's gotta be one in the crowd.  The roads along signal mountain , the scenery were not easy to describe..AWESOME,MAJESTIC are appropriate for so much of creation we were seeing. God you surely did a a great job with this CREATION thing! And Just think friends, He did all that just for us.

August 14, 2010

I Needed This Today

Psalms 62: 5-8 My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be shaken. On God my salvation and my Glory rest; The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God. TRUST IN HIM AT ALL TIMES, O PEOPLE; POUR OUR YOUR HEART BEFORE HIM; GOD IS A REFUGE FOR US.

August 03, 2010

Memo to Me

Busy, Busy, Busy...."You have to Live Life " in order to have anything worth writing about- we'll be out of the office briefly~In search of inspiration. Come on, laugh with me! I know you hate boring posts as much as I do.

I just hope by the time we get back home into our routine I can REMEMBER all that inspiration-perhaps pictures will help, after all I often say that I am a visual learner.

If this proves not to be true [pictures help me remember] then I just don't know what my excuses will be.

Wish me luck...or fun or perfect 'recall ', ok !?

July 29, 2010

It's Such Fun to Have Company Stop By

I don't know how you found us at "like Gramma's House" whether a random search result or if you were directed from another blog BUT I AM SO GLAD YOU DID!

I am not here to gather a crowd ladies...JUST A FEW SPECIAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU who's number one motive is to have a place to vent your creative juices and challenge yourself with the technology!

Just a Reminder:  Some days when you stop by there will be no one at home.  You know here in south Alabama we have chores to do, weeds to pull, bushes to prune and gardens [ no matter how small] to "tend"..woven into my glamorous days are girlie things like scrubbing down the front porch railing, floor, windows and the yucky gutters that are supposed to be white ..CLOROX that's what it needs. 

His and Hers jobs around here get reversed and scrambled a lot of while I did the front porch whitening and sprucing up he was finishing the laundry..

Now I've  had my Blog Break I wonder if I could entice my hubby to go browse the new Antique shop on main street and stop at Miss Colleen's for a wonderful [& too generous] salad plate lunch!  - "have camera-will post."

You've added BUBBLES to my day!

July 21, 2010

Home Again

HOME AGAIN, Home Again, Home Again for Me...

[ Henry Van Dyke]


Our two week long trip [plus a few days] was a bit too long but quite wonderful...Crossed or lingered in 8 STATES from south Alabama, through Tennessee and into western Kentucky then northward through Illinois, into Missouri and northeast Iowa then return south through the entire length of Missouri, down into  Arkansas & Mississippi then back home into Alabama and all in between areas..Ted says we drove more than 3 Thousand miles and I took maybe a 1,000 PHOTOS..well surely 500; work to do, lol; Family, Grands, Fun and Corn fields that go on forever..Our neighbors to the North know about growing the beautiful corn. Of course the rich soil and plenty of rain makes a difference or so my Farmer at Heart Husband tells me.
My trip journal may take off before the photos get posted but I will disperse the pictures along with the posts as I get them done. I'm thinking this would be a good time to make use of photo collages.

I THINK we managed to get pictures of the" WELCOME TO THE STATE' signs for each state either going north or the return south.  Some states didn't  make it easy..we thought upon entering the state of Iowa we were not going to be welcomed.  It seemed miles and miles into the state before we finally spotted their Welcome!  There were a few times we had to put on the brakes and back up in order to get our picture.  Ted was more than a good sport about that little project.  [to be continued or perhaps restarted on another part of the trip]



Please note: that Pie was in front of my sister-not me! And I must disclose an additional fact.
My sister definitely did NOT eat all that pie! When it was served I responded: 
"This would shame Martha Stewart!"

June 23, 2010

The Dailies

No I didn't mean the "day lilies" I meant the Dailies.
The 'dailies' make or break us women..the daily, the routine, mundane, ordinary of our lives.
The dailies fill all our lives but how we choose to handle them can make or defeat...we have to find beauty in the ordinary, challenge in the mundane and pride in the routine. [jh]

June 12, 2010

The Porch Party is Here-at Gramma's House

I love so many different vines..this one is a Cypress Vine. The greenery is as delicate as  can be and the tiny red flowers are trumpet shaped and invite hummingbirds . Check by in another two weeks and the pump/mailbox should be totally swarthed in greenery.

Ready for Company

Remember I love bargains-the two rocking chairs I happened upon at a local shop [$50. ] for both, not each.  The black wicker [4 pcs total] another DOLLAR STORE bargain.  The just perfect Red Platter was a 'thank you' from a special friend here.  All the Milk Glass, the glasses, compote  pitcher on the table are all part of my collecting in southeast Texas over many years.  Do take note of the little primitive table between the rockers and the hand embroidered pillow cases just part of my vintage collection.  Perhaps the most outstanding treasure is the PRIMITIVE least 100 years old, from the farmhouse in Texas.
To contrast with the blue hydrangea you cannot miss the collection is boh old and new Fiesta-I am not a snob about this.  If I love it, I love it - old, new or flawed.  An EBAY auction netted me the wonderful little silver coffee spoons. I love an excuse to use them.

Just Waiting For You To Stop By

                                                                         Ready for Staging

Have a Seat-Let's Talk!

Come Join Me-Let's Visit

Great Spot for Visiting Over A Glass of Cold Lemonade-Be Sure to Turn On That Ceiling Fan

Did I tell you about that table yet?  It was the very last find from my favorite antique shop in Texas before we moved.  It must weigh at least 250 kidding! It came from one of those wonderful old drug stores East Texas.. There are two chairs that came with it. This ice cream parlor table and chairs is usually on our small but perfect  screened in porch.

Great Spot for  A Glass of Cold Lemonade

You Guessed It..I Am A Collector


Looks Like We Are Ready for Company

A Vintage Linen  Flea Market find

Black Wall Basket beside the front door

Holds Cuttings of Whatever is in Bloom

June 09, 2010

Ready For A Cold Lemonade?

 I'm showing off my very old  quilt-perhaps I should  spread it out for you to see.
The  wonderful Primitive Bench I salvaged from our years on the farm in Southeast Texas. 
The benches  have  a place of honor year round on our Harrison House front porch.

Coffee or Tea?

I hope you can see the little table-primitive-the top made from salvaged 12" wide pine boards.
I do love my [all colors] yellow Fiesta and the oh so fancy little coffee spoons I found on
My Fiestaware collection consists of both old and new-love both.
The almost table cloth is just a little piece of old linen -a flea market find.
Did you notice the repeat of Milk Glass pieces [ Pitcher & Compote] filled with fresh
Butterfly Flowers & Hydrangeas? The Pitcher & lemonade glasses are part of a set..

June 04, 2010

Yarden Notes -Early Spring and Beyond

[March notes]The Sunny South it is! A little reading, a little weeding, a little pruning , raking up the piles for Ted to retrieve and guess what...haven't scratched the surface Soooooooo much yard work to do but its really worth it when evrything is green and blooming-Right now it's the BRIDAL WREATH in bloom that takes my breath away-OMY
[early June notes] Coffee on the front porch mulling over what's on my agenda today..had a conference regarding what needs to be moved to where and what needs to be pruned from ground up or from inside outward.  mmm think I need to get busy. I transplanted a little cypress vine that had invited itself into a huge pot- moved it to a perfect planter that hangs on the porch railing under the no pane window.  Perrrrrrrrrfect a couple of weeks.  Cucumbers needed gathering and ended up making just the right amount for Ted's first batch of sweet pickles-couldn't resist pulling huge masses of WEEDS -too many weeds too few onions..some of the onions  accidentally went into the compost pile.. so rewarding...making room for more weeds,right?  I knew those clippers were there for a reason..meant to gather more lavender in bloom...the Lavender always reminds me of my Blogger friend in Texas, Revee who's daughters gather the lavender every year and tie into wonderful little posies then hang on the door of their neighbors -PRICELESS.
Did I mention FOUR O'CLOCKS are now in bloom? AND I just spotted this morning..some purple hyacinth bean vine popping up. Did I also mention: I LOVE VINES,especially blooming vines!

May 29, 2010

A Treasure is a Treasure

[Buffalo 9808c]  Twenty dollars in my pocket and I find a small $1.00 treasure and I walk out thrilled with my find and change to spare.  It just doesn't take much to make me happy!

May 28, 2010

Those Special Days

When you don't have parents and grandparents anymore-what do you do on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and Christmas?

I am sure It can be so inconvenient for young and somewhat young families to have to give up a day  to visit 'the folks.'

As an adult I never had the option of visiting my parents on those special days or any other days. I can literally count the  times I saw my parents after I married.  They didn't live long lives -Daddy died 10 years after I married and Mama four years later.  With so many miles between us we still wouldn't have been able to visit much if they had lived longer.

Parents and Grandparents don't really want the children and grands to visit on those special days. We  want them to visit because they want to spend time with us..not on  holidays because that's what they are supposed to do...

Our children are all approaching the mid century mark..50 years old.  I recall at that point [when we moved to the farm in Newton] it seemed we had so much time and we could do just about anything we wanted to at that point..Things change so fast.

What do you do on those designated days when there's no one to spend it with.. Ans.> you sit and swing or rock or read, piddle in the yard and as the hours tick away late afternoon you think of an excuse to drive around maybe out in the countryside..just somewhere then back home you are glad the day is's not the end of the world, it's just a day!
And you tell yourself and anyone who might ask that it really is no big deal...just a day.

May 21, 2010

I Win

I win the prize-if there is one offered. The prize is for finding THE bargain of the entire month. Today as we left Maxwell Air Force base in Montgomery we paused to stick our heads in a too small, too full, too smelly little shop.

That's where I found my [1985]  LONGABERGER BASKET for 25 CENTS!
Yes, it's small but remember, I told you  a 'find'  is no less a treasure because it's  small.

May 20, 2010

I Am Thankful

I just saw something on  about Thankful Thursdays~someone had a good idea.
We could have Thrifty Tuesday, Frivillous Fridays, Weeding Wednesdays, Silly Saturdays,Super Sundays..on and on but Today is why not be Thankful?

I am thankful for:
  1. Freedom, more and more each day
  2. Plenty.. we have such "plenty" ..the same as 'bountiful living'
  3. Creation...the beauty that surrounds us
  4. My Faith; God
  5. My Family..those born into our family and those married into it
  6. Flowers- wild flowers, fresh flowers, dried flowers, weed flowers
  7. My front porch,deck and porch fans in the summertime
  8. Neighbors.. a neighbor friend to water everything when we are away
  9. For Children who's lives honor the God we serve
  10. For Life itself-but especially for SALVATION

My Little "Yarden" Journal~ Chiggers & Pine Straw

The sound of doves around the neighborhood, hey there's a little it's two there's another running along the top of the fence..birds chirping away, red birds all over.  The Rabbit Family usually shows up late afternoon or early evening & lately have not been readily scared away by our presence out in the garden area. You can have the cats- I would rather have the birds and an ocassional Rabbit!

Green wont be long until they'll become 'fried green tomatoes." There's a few tiny, tiny peaches on that new tree..and look over there to the side of the yard at the wonderful gourd vines  reaching for the sky it seems! 

The four O'clocks are slow to show up but look at them now ~ nearly two feet tall and the cypress vine while it's not yet vining the ever so tiny little sprigs are beginning to cover the ground all around each arbor where they are takes a while to get the incredible beauty and cover but it's "a show worth waiting for."  There's a small picture of one arbor covered with cypress vines from last year on this page to the right of my posts.  They definitely are a double treat- one for us and also for the hummingbirds..they are attracted to the teeny, tiny red trumpet shaped blooms.

I am still looking for  bachelor buttons peeping through the soil..have cut all available roses & hope I did it right this time so they will all bloom and the long stemmed will actually have long stems..slow learner with the roses but I think we have it now.

The hydrangeas  look promising so far-Whoppee!

After bragging about not attracting 'chiggers' out doors...didn't think about their being in the pine straw we used in the flower beds.  I had fun yesterday getting down on my knees pulling weeds in the beds . Guess what? Chiggers.

May 16, 2010

Bargain Hunting

 I confess an addiction to finding "steals" at  flea markets.   I can sometimes just slow down as we pass a place and tell you if its worth my time to stop and shop.

On days when no one is in a hurry  I will risk stopping by what I already deem to be a lost cause.  Really junky places are where we often find great buys..if you know the merchandise.

[ Picture: Pop found a good book store in DeFuniak Springs-this amazing little sit down spot was wedged in between two shop buildings-great way to use space!]

 I  try to settle on a treasure that will fit in one hand...small treasures.  A  McCoy treasure is still a treasure no matter what  size bag it fits in.  I often play a little 'guess the price' game with myself-guessing the price before I turn the tag amazed how often I am right on target.  It doesn't take much to entertain me! :^)

I learned a long time ago  to be willing to 'walk away" if  I can't get the right price.  Unless an item is dirt cheap or a for real 'steal', I don't have a problem asking for a better price. It never hurts to ask.  Then you have this conversation with yourself that goes like this : "Self, How badly do you want this? How much are you willing to pay, max? Will there ever be another one down the road?

Before shopping I take a few minutes to remind myself of things I have been looking for..maybe a long time. It's fresh on my mind as I shop.   I have this  down to a science...the things I like are so familiar   I can  get in and out quickly. Why  linger when there's another great place down the road.  You'll need time to browse there.

If your husband detests this kind of shopping it really helps if you  spot things that interest him...not a problem here.  My husband has tagged along with me so long that he's as interested in the treasure hunt as I am..he even looks for books-he's an avid reader.

May 15, 2010

Pretties and Good Dishes

Are for using.  Yes we usually say they are for special occasions. What or Who could be more special than your family and friends?  Who is more special than a husband?
I so enjoy using pretty dishes, even silver for an ordinary meal ..just because.

May 13, 2010

Fine Dining - That's What This Is

What a way to wind up the day..hubby grills the best burgers & invites a neighbor. I chop potatoes and onions into a pan with some seasoning for 20 minutes. 

We throw a tablecloth on a table on the deck, use colorful real dishes and turn on the overhead fan. Fresh flowers- hydrangeas in bloom-nearby.

Background music:

I Think This is Really Me

I totally love, adore and admire the incredible talent and creativity I see in so many of the bog sites I visit.  The professionalism and mastery of this technology continue to challenge and excite me.  I am always saying; "How did she do that?" and "I have to learn to do that with my photos!"  I listen to the background music, examine the photo collages and the too, too perfect little romantic scenes and also the naturally occuring scenes in homes and gardens and my senses are overwhelmed with the beauty.

Yes, I often browse  and admire with the goal of making my blogs as wonderful as these.

Then as I move about my own page I am remnded that "This is me!"  This is my creativity, my flowers, my decor.

 Please enoy.. I hope you will in some ways be challenged and excited by my wonderful  surroundings and even by some of the whimsical, random or insightful posts that you stop to read now and then..Ya'll Come Again and enjoy our SOUTHERN LIVING thing!

May 12, 2010

A Completed Project

Is a good project...especially when it's done well.
When I take on a responsibility it's important to me that I not only finish it but finish well!
Over the years I have been known to 'bite off more than I could chew'.
Have you ever done that?
When it's all done and everyone involved is happy..that makes it  especially sweet!