March 24, 2014

Just Showing Off ~ For My Weekend Readers

What's So Special About A Stove?
This Okeefe & Merritt Gas Range
and It's Yesteryear Appliance Cousins
Were Designed and Built to Last
-And Last They Have!

Source: The Harrison House  Personal restoration
Photo taken [in the shop] where Ted worked for months sprucing it up

Source:  The Harrison House  Personal Restoration

Not ours but yes I think ours shows well stacked alongside this unique treasure too!

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March 22, 2014

A Saturday Offering- For Weekend Readers Only~

What's It Worth?
{Shared Only With Saturday Readers, of Course}

A Roadside Flea Market find from North Arkansas in the post 1975 era-After paying a whopping $20 then moved  from Crossett, Arkansas  to Montgomery,Alabama, Orange, Texas, Buna,Texas then Newton Texas and finally South Alabama   & F I N A L L Y restored for a mere  $50. in Troy, Alabama. I understand one of our children now has permanent claim to it

These wonderful scales were a part of The Old Barn  inventory in Newton, Tx. and don't even try to get me to name a price or swap anything for them.Not!

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March 21, 2014

Friend Friday ~

Have you noticed how casually  we use the tag Friend

So many around us we call Friend.

I heard someone repeat a conversation with a mutual acquaintance in which the third party referred to me as a good friend.  Strangely enough I cannot even recall when I last had any sight, sound or contact with this person...either close enough to wave a greeting, a written note, phone call and certainly not an in person pause to visit.  Needless to say I was surprised to be called this person's friend even though it is someone whom I admire personally.
This inspires me to  ponder the question: Who are my friends?  Who's friend am I? What qualifies or removes one from that invisible 'friend list'?
Not all those whom I call friend are here in the same town..or down the street or across town in another neighborhood.  Some are miles and miles away..not having seen for months or even years but I still know and cherish them as  friends.  I would so love to have a face to face visit...a few hours or a few days and that might happen...or might not.  Still I count them on my "list of dear friends."

March 18, 2014

As Long As ~

Mile Marker 7- 
Seven Months

For as long as I Breathe

My moments- My days

will continue to be filled with your words,

pictures of you



 Like the clouds that drift constantly  above & around me

No matter if Others  see.... or sense

You are there
A part of me
 Every hour of the day...
I cannot will it to be otherwise.

March 12, 2014

Saved For Easy Sharing ~

If I place this photo here I can easily share the collage on Facebook-

Makes sense to me!


If Spring doesn't hurry and get here I still have these scenes from seasons past!


March 11, 2014

Did I Tell You About The Morning ~

A Really Great Way to Start This Day- Thanks Cracker Barrel
Permission granted for laughing with but not at

No, not at me dear- with me.  This Morning Brunch  at an area Cracker Barrel Restaurant could be [with slight embellishmets] material for a Gramma Stand Up routine.

 Servers were quickly available for immediate  drink order and I did not bat an eye or hesitate even momentarily to ask for it done My Way, Y'all.

Several months ago at another Cracker Barrel I was told the reason I could appreciate their 'hot enough' coffee was that they heated the cups prior to pouring the coffee into them. I mean, how hard is that. Think of all the times you had your mouth all set for your first  wonderful sip of morning coffee and  even though you just saw it poured into the cup..It is only warm-not hot.  These folks are genius- imagine thinking of this on your own without being asked to do it.  Will wonders ever cease?

Sooooo, armed with this information I asked very directly but politely assuming this would not be an entirely new thought- hot cup = hot coffee,right!  The nice young lady agreeded so we are off to a great start...that cup of coffee I envisioned when I awoke..indeed before my feet hit the floor 40+ miles north of this CB location

March 09, 2014

Better Is One Day In Your Courts....

Thinking about perfect Gifts this Sunday morning with the Daylight Savings Time change..admiring the perfect gift from a son that's showing off the fragrant Paper Whites on the Breakfast Room table and moving on to other perfect gifts. 
O my Lord and God how perfectly you have planned and provided  for
me I am reminded on this brisk early Spring Like morning in the deep South.  In recent weeks/months fleeting thought of needing to be elsewhere [snuggled up to my children] then moments ago as this gift conversation takes place between me and myself it continues like so...
" Another perfect gift. He planned for this so comfortable place yes, and time where I could settle into this new and strange if not yet totally wonderful again life,
feelsafe secure and claim a new kind of happiness, find a renewed purpose and usefulness and life and I think perhaps whisper confirmation that all this future called the rest of my life on earth' can continue to take place right here where He provided yet another of His perfect gifts...
a puzzle piece slipped securely into the right place."
Again I have been nor have I done anything to deserve this-never could  ..reminds me of Salvation.
This introspection almost takes my breath away...
Majesty, Glory, Honor and You Alone !
Yes, I do believe Spring is coming

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March 08, 2014

Saturday Morning Waking Up Thoughts - Just Between Us ~

My wake up Saturday  morning thoughts: Lord thank you for a comfortable home that wraps me in precious memories and even tho I am no longer met in the kitchen with a big bear hug from my Silver Fox I am wrapped securely in your arms. [Continue] to help me to soak in the creation around us as My Love did I believe every day..Your handiwork was never wasted on him. He 'got it'. No matter what 'feelings' say to me I have been among all women Blessed..oh so blessed-just keep pointing the way and giving me the heart to see and follow one day at the time! [ make that moment by moment ]
Not the scene at
the Harrison House
But a sweet place we loved

Looking Back
While Still Moving Forward

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March 06, 2014

Modern Day House Hunters -

A Blogger Connection whose work I greatly admire and regularly check in with   Between Naps On The Porch  is showing a wonderful post that really started me thinking ...don't expect serious thinking however. It is totally frivillous...she and I are just observing, commenting and sharing with you. That's all.

BNOTP  post shows some beautiful photos of celebrity homes with landscape views featuring MOATS and she shares with us the fact that apparently this MOAT is now one of the most highly desired high end features on the must have lists of a significant number of home owners in our country.  As always Susan's  posts are beautifully done and illustrated with fabulous photos.

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady's Brentwood Estate

My two cents worth and thank you Susan for opening up an interesting conversation today. It leaves me with a little smile and has my sometimes feeble [or lazy] brain working this morning.