October 17, 2016

ABOUT Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.S. ??!!

 What to do?  Where to go?  What to say? 

Why so many questions ...as we stumble into our day? 

Are we not all adults here?!  Based upon the impressive numbers of CANDLES on my last birthday cake or greeting cards- I say yes. So Why?

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At some point over the years of my past...my history, I got the idea that I would have all the answers when I found myself  mature, older, old.  No, I don't recall hearing anyone say.."Jonell hang in there for 50 - 6o - 75 years and you will have all the solutions, answers, directions . You'll easily be able to fit all the puzzle pieces together." 

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No one ever told me that.  I assumed .....kinda, sorta...I T.H.I.N.K.  I must have. Why else would I be walking around in this teeny, tiny circle I refer to as 'my world' asking myself so many inane, shallow ridiculous questions..indeed why:  (a rhetorical  question )

Well, I have your attention, right?  Great, now you're asking at least on some level;  "What in the world is she getting at? Where is she going with THIS?

Today I am continuing with a recurring  subject:  My BLOG.  Or more accurately  it's my non blog  I refer to.  ( come on you can smile here).

That's what the BANNER reads at my Blog 'Pity Party.'

Sub headers read like this:  Nothing to write about- Nothing's Happening in My Life - My Readers Will Forget Me-

Justa  thought-let's  go back to a few 'notes to self' roughly 3 years ago-during those early days-weeks, months following my change in marital status.

Let's do that-


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on my chalk board pantry doors look like this:-

( Still- Three Years Later)


M.Y. D.A.Y.S.

3. JOY

* Manna for Today

My initial focus is on the first word-OTHERS

However I am willing to admit I fail   there.
Jonell is more often my primary focus

I want answers NOW
I want solutions wrapped up in little packages-convenient-ready to use with no effort.
I know how to share advice on this topic

I know all about the value of considering OTHERS
But when I start making one of those to do lists that includes
It's too easy  to procrastinate -
That can wait until tomorrow..
Or even next week, right?
Yes, I think so.


One last note:  Just in case you are wondering- Just consider this little silly post as another of my attempts to just be open and honest (not necessarily transparent) about my own flawed maturity-while at the  same time amusing you as you slip into a new week.

Don't send condolence notes or thoughtful little  facebook notes asking  "Jonell, are you allright?"
I am allright...just spending a few minutes looking into the "honesty mirror'.