September 13, 2010

A Little Table for Tablescape Thursday~

A little early to mid century kitchen table [drop leaf formica top] is set to avoid having it used as a catch all where we toss our keys, mail, handbag,etc. The table is actually 'on loan' from a generous daughter in law. The little tea napkins to the left side are handmade and I love any excuse to use them. The fall candle  just discovered from some of my bargain finds last's atop a very old large wooden SPOOL. This candle was the finishing touch for the Little Tablescape. I plan to participate in Tablescape Thursday at
A little depression glass [pink plate] a little vintage Silverplate, a little vintage hand embroidery, a little fiestaware [Yellow] A small part of a chair is visible to the right . These chairs are part of a set [2] that came with a cast iron base,marble top ice cream shop set-from an old fashioned drug store in Palestine, Texas.

The teeny tiny salt and pepper are from a set w a sugar bowl-found it still in the box from the manufacturer..perhaps never used/in an estate sale. I wanted to show you the information on the base of the the cup..will spell it out for you. The saucer in my hand has this on the bottom: TAYLOR SMITH TAYLOR U.S.A.w number 8  37  2
[have had no luck locating replacement pieces, any suggestions ? ]

I like to mix in modern or new pieces like the little beveled mirror square and my wonderful Rooster found at half price in January last year~The sugar bowl lid has been broken..don't you hate that! I will continue to search for replacements on Ebay.[click on the picture to see a better picture of the silver pattern/dresden rose-reed & barton SP]

I wish the Reed & Barton Silver Plate/Dresden Rose [1953 ] showed up better..such a dainty girly pattern..I chose it 'last minute' when I was getting married but never worked on completing the set..after four children and  almost fifty years ended up with one dinner fork,period.  In 2006 I began searching Ebay and now have almost as much as anyone  would ever want..even some extras like Baby fork & spoon. There's enough to share with my Grand Daughters Dylan and Samantha. I hope they will want it.

The tablecloth is not really a table cloth..nor is it a table runner.  It's a vintage piece of hand embroidery that works just so perfectly for this little tablescape.
*oops I forgot to mention those precious little COFFEE SPOONS alongside the cups~am I the only one who thinks they are just "over the top?"

September 12, 2010

Projects List...aka "Good Intentions"

{ This picture is here because  he is key to getting these "perfect 7" projects done }

  1. * Restoring our Vintage Okeee & Merritt Gas Range & installing it in the Kitchen[This is a doozy of a project to take on ] We can check this one off as of March 2011                                                
  2. * Finish a website for my husband-staging and photographing his finished Wood Working projects
  3. Print my blogs into book form-content from January 2009 thru end of this year
  4. Start my wisteria coverd hideway in the back yard...I figure if it gets STARTED there's a very good chance of finishing..first the STARTING
  5. This is a big one..almost as big as #1> my water feature in the back yard..DONE.
  6. Get a shade structure or pergola over the patio with enough headspace to install my rustic iron CANDLABRA [over an outdoor dining space] Second thought: This ranks right there along with #1 and #5 too..we can all dream can't we?
  7. Begin a plan for a big special party that fell through last year. "I can do this myself."
This is where I ask for your expressions of "Good Luck," God Bless You, or Prayers!

* 2-13-2011  Progress made on these- "move in" day for the restored stove should be before the end of March and I am so amazed. This was Ted's idea. I did not press or nag to get it done [not for the past 3 years]. I call this a real labor of love- it tops "flowers and candy" any day in my book.

September 06, 2010

Analyzing me~

Another self analysis post:  when I was in high school I recall one of my classmates [ Faye Chancey] being called a VIVACIOUS personality type.  I was jealous.  I wanted to be called Fay.

Another blogger, Sandra at  recently prompted me to ask "Who do I know that I would describe as ELEGANT?" 

Then I began to examine myself as I started reading on the subject.
 [  ] That was discouraging.  Based on my reading so far there's no hope for me to be elegant.  Perhaps I should concentrate on Elegance in my environment  instead.  Something to consider!

Words I have begun to consider: Elegance, Gracious, Ladylike, Vivacious, Classic.
I will continue to follow Sandra's Elegance journey~I am here to learn!

I think that's enough to work on for now. I was about to say :"Wish me luck~" 
On second thought I think maybe real "Prayers" would be in order.