September 12, 2010

Projects List...aka "Good Intentions"

{ This picture is here because  he is key to getting these "perfect 7" projects done }

  1. * Restoring our Vintage Okeee & Merritt Gas Range & installing it in the Kitchen[This is a doozy of a project to take on ] We can check this one off as of March 2011                                                
  2. * Finish a website for my husband-staging and photographing his finished Wood Working projects
  3. Print my blogs into book form-content from January 2009 thru end of this year
  4. Start my wisteria coverd hideway in the back yard...I figure if it gets STARTED there's a very good chance of finishing..first the STARTING
  5. This is a big one..almost as big as #1> my water feature in the back yard..DONE.
  6. Get a shade structure or pergola over the patio with enough headspace to install my rustic iron CANDLABRA [over an outdoor dining space] Second thought: This ranks right there along with #1 and #5 too..we can all dream can't we?
  7. Begin a plan for a big special party that fell through last year. "I can do this myself."
This is where I ask for your expressions of "Good Luck," God Bless You, or Prayers!

* 2-13-2011  Progress made on these- "move in" day for the restored stove should be before the end of March and I am so amazed. This was Ted's idea. I did not press or nag to get it done [not for the past 3 years]. I call this a real labor of love- it tops "flowers and candy" any day in my book.

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