April 29, 2014

Hindsight Regarding Parenting ~

We invest our ALL in our Children -
Our energy, time, resources, heart.
When done well we have GIVEN AWAY ourselves
 and  never view  it as  sacrifice.

We insist that it is 
All About Our Love
Given Freely. 

 With the blessing of hindsight 
One can see that
Parenting just like MARRIAGE,
When done well
 Is in retrospect a life of sacrificial Choices.

[ thinking out loud]

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April 23, 2014

A First For Me ~

Springtime - Easter Weekend-  Asheville, North Carolina

Top Row Center would me me taking in the incredible sights-

This is indeed a first for me. I am almost positive I have never crossed over/or stopped in the state of North Carolina.  The only possible time I might have [but cannot remember] would have been in 1959, driving south to Alabama [ from Virginia Beach Virginia ] after Ted had finished his four year U.S. Navy obligation.  In that case I think I can be forgiven for not remembering since 55 years have passed since that early milestone in our lives.

Top Left:  The Alabama Bunch- Loretta,John & Reagan with Gramma/that would be Me- Church Easter Sunday
Top Right: Susan & Brian our Asheville hosts and part of what I call my extended family
Bottom Left: Sisters -Susan, Mary Kay & Loretta
[ Ooops whatever happened to the Grammas? ]

April 17, 2014


Since I don't expect to be posting tomorrow April 18th I'll leave a note before Good Friday-

Another Mile Marker-#8- What a breathtakingly beautiful Spring morning..the wind just a soft whisper of a breeze but greeted outside by one major unnamed bird that was intent upon getting the attention of the entire world..nothing gentle or timid about the voice of that small feathered creature...he seemed to be calling all of Creation to awake, take note and join in his celebration of the new, fresh, growing Spring scene all around me. 

April 14, 2014

Let's Pray

My wake up early morning thoughts: "Lord thank you for a comfortable home that wraps me in precious memories and even though I am no longer met in the kitchen with a big bear hug from my Silver Fox I am wrapped securely in your arms. [Continue] to help me soak in creation around us as My Love did I believe every day. 

Your handiwork was never wasted on him. He 'got it'. 

No matter what my 'feelings' say to me I have been among all women Blessed..oh so blessed! Keep pointing the way and giving me the heart to see and follow one day at the time! [ make that moment by moment ] Amen."

April 12, 2014

Time For A Front Porch Re-Do ?

the Harrison House- A Fall View as many things are fading-thank heavens for the Peanut Tree that begins to fill the space with yellow, delicate, abundant blooms beginning the first of October
mmmm I could see that on my deck with the butterfly bushes [trees] in the background

April 08, 2014

Copied - Shared - Soaking In



[ Shared from a fb post by Ann Voscamp ]



Hey Soul? Deep breath. Whisper it:
I don't have to perform for Him today.

 I am sung over today. 

*He performs His love for me.* 

I am delighted in. 

I am rejoiced over.

 I am loved on. 

Today, I'm listening everywhere for His love song over me.

[ copied from a fb post by Ann Voscamp ]




"The LORD your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
*He will take great delight in you;
in His love He will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing*."
~ Zephaniah 3:17



Ahhhhhhhh, Be Still ~

Soak it all in. 

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April 06, 2014

- Bridal Wreath, Dogwood, Irises and Wisteria

Spring has to be here for real when I begin to see Bridal Wreath, Camellias,  Dogwood, Irises and Wisteria in bloom.  



April 02, 2014

It's That Time Again - Spring Reveal Re-Run

Free Admission-

A Great Project is Worth A Second  Showing

Just a reminder- This was the last major Labor of Love  from my Silver Fox-It had been on "our" to do list for several years and I always knew it would get done.  He started work on it soon after we got the Cancer diagnosis -A while after it was completed I noticed something red hanging from one end..a small red metal wind chime.  He liked them and so did I.  Then in Sprng of 2013 I spotted a new Double Knockout Rose Bush planted not far from one corner of the structure.  He didn't mention it but I knew what he was doing...he knew it wouldn't be much longer and he was leaving that for me.[ he quietly planted several new rose bushes that same day]

I will add another of the same [dbl KO] Rose Bush next to it in a few days.  We both enjoyed Roses but especially these Double Knockout because they have such a long blooming season and are so carefree.

I knew something was up when I noticed the tools and new boards