April 12, 2014

Time For A Front Porch Re-Do ?

the Harrison House- A Fall View as many things are fading-thank heavens for the Peanut Tree that begins to fill the space with yellow, delicate, abundant blooms beginning the first of October
mmmm I could see that on my deck with the butterfly bushes [trees] in the background

 This is the Grand Version of our Harrison House



I am tagging this front porch "Temptation" because it definitely is tempting me to consider a  redo of my front porch


Ahhhhh,  Could this be duplicated on my deck

 So many ideas for sprucing up and making color changes now as Spring is upon us.  It appears I will need at least one more house to be able to use the incredible porch features  tempting me now- mmm paint, sand paper, plants, flowers-Garden centers here I come!


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