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Gramma/Jonell with Grand daughter Dylan -Dec. 2015

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Jonell Williams Harrison

Jonell, A child of the King,
A Sweetheart, Wife, Mom, Gramma, Great Gran & 
Now Gramma Is A Blogger    

  • Born a twin in rural south Georgia
  • Cinderella high school years
  • Married my Prince Charming [ 6-21-59 ]
  • Mother of three sons & one daughter who honor us by the lives they & their spouses live.
  • We have 9 Grands 
  • Sadly, we had to say goodbye [ for now ] to the love of my life on August 18, 2013.
  •  We  said hello to our first Great Grand a few weeks later on September 6, 2013.

My Georgia Roots~

For years as I considered my south Georgia roots I was so sure everywhere else in the world was bigger and better.

About 10 years after high school I began to understand that Everyone is from somewhere else...and it is usually somewhere smaller and less notable.

A Williams family researcher Dr. Julian Anderson Williams- Jacksonville, Georgia, helped me to realize That is my history, my story. It is unique to me and the time. The era of the 1940's and 1950's will not be repeated.

My memories can only be told by me and all those Mobley and Williams cousins from South Georgia.

It's our Story..our history!

Christmastime 2015

Let's take a deep breath now and begin to fill in the blanks for readers or followers who do not know my story.  Obviously I am now beginning to edit  some of the blog text and make updates to avoid confusion as you  read.

Even now as we are months past  this life altering event please understand if I am saying "we" & "our" and you find references to my life that sound as though I am presently a couple. Truth is I am still married...that's my reality.  It is not easy to become "one alone" when you have been  a team, a pair, a partner,  a 'we' for more than 54 years.

I still find myself apologizing to a restaurant hostess for being only one person to use a table for four. The first time, months into this, I went out for dinner in a nice restaurant alone I came away feeling I did not have a right to be there.  My reality~

It's hard to know what order these fill in and catch up notes should be arranged. Quite likely I will sort it all out after the fact. In other words the story may not always make sense to you ~ bear with me as it all becomes more orderly with time.


Jonell Williams-Harrison
Who Gramma Was-Has Become Over the Years-
Who She Is Today?

I noted earlier that I was born a twin. That's true yet not always real to me because I never knew my twin Jurel who only lived two weeks.  My husband once reminded me as I was pondering this chapter of my history:  "Jonell, you realize that you will know him when you get to Heaven?" 

Thank you sweetheart for that clarification. 

As a child growing up in rural south Georgia in the 1940s & 1950s, I have vivid recall and rich memories of both good things and the harsh realities of the times, customs, relationships and it is unlikely that my story telling of the hard times stories will be exaggerated. 

My most meaningful take away from my childhood is the growing realization with maturity, of how God placed people, friends, teachers or pastors and family members in my life for provision, protection, teaching, loving and building up.

I made an early decision to follow Christ. The life I have enjoyed is because of the hunger for Him that He placed within me and of course His Grace and Mercy...so real to me as I have grown older.

Then, as though that were not enough of His Goodness He chose for me the finest  husband to walk alongside "Until Death Us Do Part" which turned out to be 54 plus years.

I am still trying to figure out what this new life ahead of me is going to look and feel like.

A few solutions & answers I've stumbled upon while in a "wait and see, don't hurry" mode.

I am so  grateful to my children for wise counsel  about not making hurried decisions or changes.

~   JWH/Jan. 2015

Where am I Now-


I am at a different place but I don't yet know how to explain or describe it-just different and I have to believe it's a good thing.

Alone is still very awkward in many situations but I don't run from myself nearly so often and I have only locked myself out of the house one time-just this week- I survived that with enough material to put together at least a twenty minute stand up routine for late night television. Yes it was  a circus -No three ring production-just me!but it didn't defeat me. I lived to tell about it!

I do anticipate having more stories to tell by this time next year and perhaps will have broadened my horizons as we say...with some new experiences.  I just hope I can do it justice in the sharing and telling - [November 2015]