June 21, 2009

Let's Dry Roses!

How often have you received beautiful roses or a bouquet of mixed flowers for a special occasion and in a short time they were no longer beautiful and had to be thrown out. All you can think about is the money your loved one spent.

Let's dry those roses! Let's preserve that beauty and the memory of the giver. It's usually quite simple.

Note: All roses are not the same. The dried flower will vary depending on the compactness and the color of the bloom. You should experiment.

Watch that bouquet. Don't wait until the petals start to fall. It's Too late now.
Enjoy them a few days and then remove them from the water. You may or Not remove the wires from the stems. Carefully secure the stems and hang a small bunch upside down indoors. You may try a closet or other spots in the house. Experiment! I seldom think about what room in the house to hang them. Just hang them. My only bad, and I do mean BAD experience was trying to dry lots of roses in a semi open area in what turned out to be the wettest, rainy season ever..There was too too much moisture in the air around them for far too long... Costly lesson.

To Spray or not to spray: Someone asked today about spraying with hairspray or polyurethane clear paint..my personal opinion: It is NOT NECESSARY. When your dry blooms collect dust use a hair dryer [at a distance] to blow them.

If you are concerned about dried material falling - Don't place them in a high traffic area where one is likely to brush against them. I do like wall pockets for two or three dried blooms. My very fav wall pocket is the long neck of a dipper gourd stem end down. I have one on our bedroom door with dried roses in it.

Your dried roses will last longer than you want to keep them..Then you just toss them and start over with the next delivery of expensive flowers you receive.

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