July 19, 2014

Priorities ~

Little Pieces of my  Heart

Today - Now - Not Tomorrow
Not the rest of  my life...The rest of my day.
First - Today - A Gift - 
Give it back to Him As a life well lived.
   Then another day-Thanksgiving for yesterday, 
Vision for yet Another 
 'Manna~  for this day only.'
Manna ~
for today. 


 Looking Forward,


July 18, 2014

To Be Continued ~ #11 Mile Marker

My love seriously wished for me to
 'Move on with life.'

This has been at best very hard to 'get the hang of'..

Just in case you have not figured this out yet:
I am clearly still at the
Start, Stop, Stumble
And fall stage..
Often Crawling..reaching out to find another way to

So many times I have referred to this time,
Since August 18, 2013 
As a New Life
Perhaps it's not so much
A New [ different] Life
But the same life
With added dimension.maybe.

And  maybe this time is not so much
"Moving on with life"
As it is

Another chapter...Life Continued

"Oh, My Lord> Yes, Lord"

Looking Forward-

July 14, 2014

Bits of Wisdom or Enlightment ~ Just For Me?

This technology offers so much- like a thriving beautiful orchard.  Even one tree with a healthy beautiful show of it's best fruit stops me. I stand in amazement seeing our puny little two apple trees with the green ripe [I think] apples hanging from so many branches.  Do I carefully choose one good apple or begin to grab and fill my basket for myself and sharing?  Or do I just sigh with appreciation and take a few photos then come back later?

This reminds me of some of the amazing writers I run across ...Blogger links that show up on face book or a recommendation from another blogger with similar interests. 

My first reading is so often a skimming over-browsing-window shopping visit. I immediately recognize that I am in a special place....seeing right away that I cannot absorb it all...comprehend and make use of and save it for sharing with others.  So I  take a deep breath and 'save it' for later.   I have to return prepared to seriously shop, taking a spare tote bag to fill with precious, priceless sweet treasures to be held close for at least Days yet to come.

I am at this moment reminded of a conversation with a loved one at least twice  remarking that God revealed a specific sweet thing to me and am so frustrated that I cannot recall it clearly enough to share that treasure with someone else. This loved one, having walked some difficult and dark days, replied:  "Maybe it was only meant for you and your use and not for sharing."

How wonderful [ and convenient] it is that God does not empty out a lifetime of incredible wisdom entrusting it to me for spreading around.  I would not grasp it long enough to be much help.

My inspiration for this post:
A Holy Experience/Ann Voscamp

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July 10, 2014

Fresh Parsley and A Friend or Two

Yes! A perfect setting~
Nothing is new or perfect- Only cherished

Grab a chair while I pour Lemonade~

Waiting for You~

All things old, used, worn or even flawed


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