June 07, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen?

What does the title "lady/ladies" or "Gentleman/Gentlemen" mean anymore?  As I ponder in less than amused fashion I can only tell you what it means at my house.
Here goes~
At our house I stand alongside my husband [ of almost 52 years now] in more ways than a few.  In the shop as he works on his building projects I stand right there ..to critique & supervise.  I can always spot the paint drip or the rough edge he missed with the sander.  I seldom miss the ugly dab of carpenter's glue that should not be showing and of course I am going to take note of the finished project that still needs another coat of paint.
And who says Mom has no sense of humor..enough of that and on to the intended slant of this post.
Other real ways in which I stand alongside or behind in a supportive role include working in the flower beds, washing down the house and other outdoor walls when they need a fresh look, repainting outdoor furniture, lifting, loading and fetching whatever needs to be as we dig into those seasonal hot and yes sweaty, dirty jobs that are a part of life and the joys of home ownership.  At the end of one of those days when all the batteries [ours] have run down and the bodies have soaked in more grunge than anyone can abide, we call it quits, shut down the storage and shop areas and retreat to shade, comfort and indoor modern 'thank you Lord" A/C. 
Here's the first illustration.  As we two sorry sights [not to mention smelly?] move indoors headed for the showers..My silver fox OPENS THE DOOR, STANDS ASIDE AS HE ALLOWS ME TO 'GO FIRST'...Now that's a Gentlemen. There is no audience he just does it because he is...a gentlemen.  And guess what~ I allow him to be a gentlemen as he shows deference to a lady.  [that would be ME, his wife ] I am a strong, independent female but I am not a dumb one.
My observations of our world close by reveal to me that men often are no longer gentlemen because there is no Lady allowing them to behave in a gentlemanly manner.
Girls, for heaven's sake let the men treat you like someone special.  Are you not? Then when you get into place at the office where you have responsibility and perhaps some authority..do your job.  Allowing men to treat you politely does not have to weaken or dimish your strengths.  It's no wonder so many men are pitiful specimens of what God intended  them to be.  Women {the 'women's movement,etc] have told them they are not necessary, not wanted or needed.  It didn't take too long for them to "get the message" and learn quite well  this role of "being a man",  without respect for self, for women or any clear understanding of what responsibility really means in the context of 'the family."    It is now quite common to find that a man often thinks his responsibilities are done with when he has a job and brings home a paycheck..how sad!
How thankful..how very thankful I am the  children in this family never saw that kind of example at our house.
Have I told you my illustration of the BIG UMBRELLA?  One Sunday morning in Texas it was raining cats and dogs when church was over and as we left the worship service Ted pulled out the BIG UMBRELLA..and with both of us protected from the drenching rain he walked us to the car securely closing the door  as I slipped into my seat untouched by the downpour.
[I will post an "umbrella" pic soon]
At that moment as I was about to get into the car I thought: "What a perfect picture of a Godly man and his role regarding a wife and children." I have never forgotten that beautiful simple picture.  Thank You Lord!