December 30, 2015

A Work in Progress-Still

"The Rest of the Story"

(Not really- just another chapter-perhaps a single paragraph but The Rest of the Story sounds so clever -thanks, Paul Harvey )

I often look back - consider the present,

seeing  how perfectly ordered and complete

the Seasons of my life have been.

I almost said: "have come together"

but  that would sound like something accidentally falling into place.

 I don't see my life that way. 

The Seasons of my life:

Coming to Christ at 8 years old

The Cinderella Years

Finding Our Way- More Stumbling than Climbing

Milestones 1982-Teaching-Maturing

The Texas Years-

( Time for the Flowers- )

Our Miracle Years 1983- 2006

Home Wrapped Around Us-

Another Season

of Beauty-


Front Porch Prayers, Making 'pretty' and comfortable all around us.

July 2006- August 18, 2013

A New Chapter

"Table for One"

Did God forget or ignore anything?


He Thought of Everything-

Gave us every season we needed or dreamed of and even more!

He allowed time for stumbling, failing and detours-

And never forgot the nurturing, encouraging do overs-

Our God wanted us to have the mountain top experiences -

That inevitably drew us closer to Him-

Especially after the dark orValley times.

And While we waited often not patiently for answers

He never turned loose ...held us closely, never letting go

While he shaped and molded us.

And He knew how to throw a Party to Celebrate...Victories.

Ah, looking back at all the Surprise Parties He

Planned & Orchestrated for us

An ever present reminder of His Faithfulness

All the While

He Knew, He Knew

Looking Forward-Again,

A Child of the King

Not About Presents But His Presence ~

 Yes, Yes, that 9 foot tree is  D.O.N.E....For all the seasons since 2006 I have continued to be on the hunt -in season & out- for a FEW MORE perfect ornaments that fit my Silver, Gold, Clear Glass & White O.N.L.Y...(No others-no red, green, blue etc) Some were significantly Vintage...a few verging on antique..others 21st century, handmade or a bit of age qualifies them.

Ah, yes - so many Christmastime memories especially when you've had a life so long as mine. So many I cannot share a post that captures them.

This post won't be finished today...believe that! It's already becoming scrambled eggs in my head. Consider the childhood memories..the simple, often sad lessons learned memories of times so different than now. That's called history.

Then there are the theme Christmas memories..the hard times when giving is in your heart but never in your pocket book,remember any of those?

I always...I mean always have loved to be the GIVER. One great thing about this season of my life is I am NOT caught up in the traditional Christmas gifting of the past..

How I wish as a child I had the influence of this age of creativity-had I known how to make something from nothing and pick up bundles & pieces of God's creation and repurpose it as I do now...oh well that was then..the beauty & the gifts were of a different kind.

In another era the fresh fruit from Florida filled us with joy and thankfulness..and the candy canes were delightful.  The Raisins [grapes dried on the vines] made a lifetime memory for my husband to cherish.

I shall always remember the family gatherings when a daughter in law or the Grands  ransacked my closets, drawers to find scarves, ties, robes, towels or fabric pieces to dress themselves for their own production of the Christmas Story-the Bible story of Jesus' birth.  The most recent featured our great grandson Lincoln as the baby Jesus.

While it is not a gift but a memory there is very little more precious to me than the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church and also setting out luminaries along our side walk during the season. 

Remember, we began with the statement that it
[Christmas] is not about presents but His Presence?

December 10, 2015

100 Reasons It's No Fun Decorating A Christmas Tree Alone ~

And At Least 10 Good Reasons For Doing It Anyway

Wait, put that 'mouse' down- don't leave and go to  Susan's

Blog at Between Naps On the Porch blog

Yes, I know she's a busy blogger, world traveler, decorator, photographer-
Wait - Are we talking about
Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman?-
(You know, the one who dropped off all her pretty dishes in Wal Mart)


I know, I know they do it all and get every table set and every tree decorated,
plan their holiday menu to perfection..
You don't hear them whining about not being able to get this year's Christmas Tree done.

I  K.N.O.W  T.H.A.T

But this is me-

the Gramma that lives at the homemade blog called
and occasionally dropping by at
and every once in a blue moon she remembers her starter blog

Yes this is just me-Not a superwoman entrepreneur or blogger with a zillion followers-
This mere human trying to shuffle through the new life I am now navigating
is still basically in kindergarten-