December 10, 2015

100 Reasons It's No Fun Decorating A Christmas Tree Alone ~

And At Least 10 Good Reasons For Doing It Anyway

Wait, put that 'mouse' down- don't leave and go to  Susan's

Blog at Between Naps On the Porch blog

Yes, I know she's a busy blogger, world traveler, decorator, photographer-
Wait - Are we talking about
Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman?-
(You know, the one who dropped off all her pretty dishes in Wal Mart)


I know, I know they do it all and get every table set and every tree decorated,
plan their holiday menu to perfection..
You don't hear them whining about not being able to get this year's Christmas Tree done.

I  K.N.O.W  T.H.A.T

But this is me-

the Gramma that lives at the homemade blog called
and occasionally dropping by at
and every once in a blue moon she remembers her starter blog

Yes this is just me-Not a superwoman entrepreneur or blogger with a zillion followers-
This mere human trying to shuffle through the new life I am now navigating
is still basically in kindergarten-

This is the first time since I was 18 years old
that I have had to take the steering wheel of life
with no one to pass it off to when the driving gets
tedious or I am weary of this journey.

And no I cannot throw a tantrum when challenges
come, pack everything in a van & hit the road-
that's not in my book of options-

So What do you do?
Well, first you mull it over and realize this would make an
interesting-or weird if not terribly amusing post for my blog.
Then you unload your packages from the town errands-
tackle a few sidebar/distraction type chores in the front yard-


You settle in to try your best to make a goofus situation into something
a few of my readers and/or followers will actually read in it's entirety -

And perhaps it might make them S.M.I.L.E

nOtE to Self:  I must go back to the beginning and CROP THAT PICTURE-p.l.e.a.s.e

How about that front door WREATH-
I started to say "I hope you like it" but that's dishonest-
Actually It will remain even if no one likes it because I do like it
It's a detour from the fresh made to order luxury wreaths I have treated myself with for several years-
but  Lowe's had a fresh inventory of them at just the right time so it jumped into my shopping cart and
came home with me. I meant to spray it with water now and then but you guessed it....NOT!

I just had a thought- If Martha Stewart drops by before New Years Maybe she will just assume I

-A disclaimer regarding that beautiful red Poinsettia - I had nothing to do with how beautiful it is.

All I did was order from a friend and pay for it -

In the interest of full disclosure-I always feel it's an unreasonable extravagance For the simple reason that for most of my adult years  it would not have been "In the budget."

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhmygoodness, have I gotten  off track onto a 'rabbit chase' here or whhhhat!!

All of that said to say this-
No I am not going to list for your reading pleasure 100 reasons why it's no fun decorating a Christmas Tree Alone-


The one simple answer to that is:
There Is no one to motivate you-to critique the progress or applaud your finished product.

The truth is when I get it done, as always I will enjoy it so much that I begin to pose the question to self:

"Now, really what would be wrong with leaving it up year round, really??"

(family & friends, don't panic-that's not going to happen for real)

I took the picture but our local hardware store made it pretty.

YOU K.N.O.W.  I will share my own the moment it's done, the clutter removed and the floor is vacuumed-

And about those 10 reasons to decorate the tree anyway-I've kept you quite too long now so we'll just say it made the title and sub title a little more interesting and leave it there...this is the space where you  S.M.I.L.E. and leave a sweet encouraging comment-no strings, justa note.

Looking Forward- Again....and again


  1. well golly gee .. if we were close in proximity i'd come over bearing soup and crackers and cookies and would help you decorate your tree. :) (and you know what? i rather like your wreath.)

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