December 30, 2015

A Work in Progress-Still

"The Rest of the Story"

(Not really- just another chapter-perhaps a single paragraph but The Rest of the Story sounds so clever -thanks, Paul Harvey )

I often look back - consider the present,

seeing  how perfectly ordered and complete

the Seasons of my life have been.

I almost said: "have come together"

but  that would sound like something accidentally falling into place.

 I don't see my life that way. 

The Seasons of my life:

Coming to Christ at 8 years old

The Cinderella Years

Finding Our Way- More Stumbling than Climbing

Milestones 1982-Teaching-Maturing

The Texas Years-

( Time for the Flowers- )

Our Miracle Years 1983- 2006

Home Wrapped Around Us-

Another Season

of Beauty-


Front Porch Prayers, Making 'pretty' and comfortable all around us.

July 2006- August 18, 2013

A New Chapter

"Table for One"

Did God forget or ignore anything?


He Thought of Everything-

Gave us every season we needed or dreamed of and even more!

He allowed time for stumbling, failing and detours-

And never forgot the nurturing, encouraging do overs-

Our God wanted us to have the mountain top experiences -

That inevitably drew us closer to Him-

Especially after the dark orValley times.

And While we waited often not patiently for answers

He never turned loose ...held us closely, never letting go

While he shaped and molded us.

And He knew how to throw a Party to Celebrate...Victories.

Ah, looking back at all the Surprise Parties He

Planned & Orchestrated for us

An ever present reminder of His Faithfulness

All the While

He Knew, He Knew

Looking Forward-Again,

A Child of the King


  1. Such encouraging thoughts. I love the reflections on all the different aspects that God allows in our lives, all for the purpose of drawing us closer to Him. I especially love the reminder that God creates opportunities for celebration. I'm in #6 in Emily's link up.

  2. what a lovely post ..
    always in His time.
    our lives are holy ground ...


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