December 21, 2012


Merry Christmas to you!

Whew!  Are you as crazy busy as I am?  It's 1:09AM, here, and I am sitting up, waiting for candy to harden so that I can add it to the gift baskets that my husband is taking to his coworkers.  Exhausted. 

It seems like the past two weeks have been a blur.  We've run, run, run... trying to get presents bought, wrapped and under a decorated tree.  I have to admit, I have four trees in my house.  I have a problem.  Every time I find a tree at a yard sale, I think it should go home with me.  Oh, well.  My yard sale addiction should be addressed in a separate post.  Its. that. bad. 
Several days ago, when my husband got home from work, we ran into town to see Santa.  We were throwing hair bows in, and tying a tutu on as we were stumbling into the mall. 
You see, in addition to my Christmas tree addiction, I have an addiction to Santa Claus pictures.  I have pictures framed of my daughter visiting Santa every year from birth.  It. must. happen. 

So, after all of the hustle and bustle, we came face to face with Santa.  Sweet, chunky monkey Santa.
And my child refused to sit in his lap.  As a matter of fact, as soon as we walked into the photo area, she screamed like we were sending her home with him, and never returning.

It was bad. 

I have to confess.  In that moment, I was so overwhelmed.  All I could think about was not getting a picture of her and Santa.  My foot was tapping.  My lips were puckered.  Eyes dilating.  Patience leaving my body.

My sweet husband said, "I'll get it."  But, he couldn't have pried her away to save his life.  

In that moment, as I looked on, and my child was pleading not to have to sit on Santa's lap, it dawned on me... memories are being made.  Don't take a picture that she'll look back on and hate every time she sees it.  What's the point in having a picture of something that everyone remembers as a bad moment?

So, we joined in.  That sweet Santa Claus was so patient with us.... I can't believe his chair didn't go to the ground... 

And, as I look at these pictures, I am reminded that it's not about the lights, or the trees... the ornaments, or the candy... it's not about Santa, tutus or hair bows...

It really boils down to one little baby....
One little baby who left the perfection of heaven to come to a dingy, dirty earth and save the world.... 

It was a strange way to save the world, but it is what God chose.... 
Christmas is about salvation....

It's about so many things... so many things that rarely even make our "To Do" list. 
I'm reminded of these things (at 1:30AM, mind you)....

So, with Jesus on my mind and in my heart -
 I wish you a Merry Christ filled CHRISTmas!
Blessings to you, and glory and honor to HIM! 

December 13, 2012

Glimpses of The Christ-mas Season at Gramma's House~

[I may not have time for REAL POSTS..Check in daily for new scenes -Have a wonderful, Christ filled, Joyful time with your loved ones. We expect to have almost all of our Children and Grands with us on the 23rd so Inspiration should find me   as we enjoy  new ways of celebrating Christmas for Two ]

 Designer: Vicky Dickert  Photos: jwh

December 07, 2012

Gramma is Never Too Old To Learn-

Can you believe I am still into pre Christmas cleaning at our house? Finally, I got to the PANTRY PROJECT.  It wasn't unbearable but I knew how long it had been neglected and it bothered me. 
Pantry clean and organize is not a major just needs to be done and I was quite proud of myself reaching the halfway mark..finishing one side-half way to the goal line.
I knew I had accomplished something as I tossed those now full trash bags into the garbage outside-the bags weighed "a ton"...or so it seemed.
You ask why?  The why is because I discovered quite a few cans of outdated food items..the 'best used by' or the 'Sell by" dates were 'history'. I was quite pleased with myself, knowing I could trust what's on my pantry shelves.

C Is for Christmas~

Yes, 'C' is for Christmas/Christmastime and Christmas is first about  Christ.

I love sharing what's important and fun  as well as inspirational to me during the Christmas season. Linger just a moment or two...the list is 'short and sweet.'
  • Candle light & Christmas Eve candlelight Service
  • Christmas lights..the small clear ones
  • Blue lights in my windows [a reminder of the star of Bethlehem]
  • Jingle Bells..the sound of
  • Carols...Christmas Carols  & Caroling [O Holy Night, Winter Wonderland, Silent Night ]
  • Hot Apple Cider & familiar goodies we have every year
  • Family together
  • Gathering with  people who are dear to us
  • Fire in the fireplace
That's All, folks...No, we don't need to add presents/gifts to make the list complete, only the 'presence' of loved ones!

Please add your own Christmas list by way of a Comment then join us as we share  our C thoughts   at

December 01, 2012

More Thankfulness..~

How could I forget to post this [another] Thankful Note  earlier when we were all sharing our daily thoughts as we moved into the official season of Giving Thanks? I hope you can still benefit from it  now as we dive into This Glorious Season of Celebrating Christ otherwise known as Christmastime.

[November 21,2012] This is the moment on the day before the official day of THANKSGIVING [when I pause before jumping head first into CHRISTMAS] and catch my breath, visually take in all that is around me and ask the Holy Spirit again to 'create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit' and a THANKFUL HEART. We do need reminders don't we? I do for sure. satan [ no capital S for satan] would destroy and erase all thankfulness from my being..but he cannot. To God be the Glory!
  • Faith -Family-Friends-Flowers: Our cup runs over
  • I am full of thankfulness for so much.. We are definitely not rich. We do not have money. But honestly even as satan tries to remind me of the luxuries I cannot access, the trips we cannot take, the sights we will never see, the luxuries we cannot share with one another ...I resist.  There is truly nothing material that we have need for.  We have enough..indeed most often more than enough.  My parents would look at our lives and think how 'rich' we are. I must admit I often feel that too.
  • In our home, our lives we have contentment. ..our days are not filled with strife, conflict or dissension. I think we best describe that as PEACE. We have that. For that God gets the praise..because the 'enemy' would not choose peace for us.

December First ~ It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

The 9ft. plus tree is 99.5% finished in the living room and I am waiting for my helper to show up with the stamina, height and basic skills for  getting the lights strung, secured and uniform circling the front porch roof line. So far all the strings I have pulled from the storage box are testing positive when plugged in.  Wish me luck with that!

and ...our "JOY TO THE WORLD" banner [w spotlight] will get in place while I have the additional pair of hands.  Ted's handcrafted Nativity silhouette [w spotlight] is already in place. The banner and the nativity [ NOEL] are our choices to make a statement to onlookers . We want to be clear about WHAT WE ARE CELEBRATING during this season of festivities and decorations and lights. Make no mistake Jesus Christ is THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON. 

Everything else is just frivolous, frosting on the cake and fun with all the good things like Sharing, Giving, Caring for those who cannot care for themselves.