December 07, 2012

Gramma is Never Too Old To Learn-

Can you believe I am still into pre Christmas cleaning at our house? Finally, I got to the PANTRY PROJECT.  It wasn't unbearable but I knew how long it had been neglected and it bothered me. 
Pantry clean and organize is not a major just needs to be done and I was quite proud of myself reaching the halfway mark..finishing one side-half way to the goal line.
I knew I had accomplished something as I tossed those now full trash bags into the garbage outside-the bags weighed "a ton"...or so it seemed.
You ask why?  The why is because I discovered quite a few cans of outdated food items..the 'best used by' or the 'Sell by" dates were 'history'. I was quite pleased with myself, knowing I could trust what's on my pantry shelves.
Now- the reason for this post:  Have you ever wondered what the difference is in the two stamps on items in your fridge or pantry?  I too have wondered and as I again pondered this question actually made it to the computer room to ask the question. 
It's not as 'cut & dried' as one might think. I googled  "the difference between "sell by" and "use by" dates. First go to  but then check out one or two other search results.  It's enlightening. Don't take my word for it. I just bet many of you have considered the same thing as you carefully examine those little "stamps" which by the way are often a major challenge  just to be able to read the "4" fonts.
May I challenge you to share this information?  I think our friends, family and blogger connections would appreciate this wee bit of enlightenment.
Even Grammas are never too old to learn!

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  1. Jonell, Congrats on the pantry cleaning. It is always a hard project to start but so satisfying once it's done, isn't it? I went to the site you linked to and there is a "keep it or toss it" link that will sure come in handy. I had always wondered about all those extra stamps on cans and bottles too. The older I get, the more I get freaked out by old food, so I enjoyed your post and appreciated the link to the info!


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