October 27, 2012

Life Is Not Always A Party But We Still Celebrate

While "life is not always a party', we can always find something to celebrate.

We celebrate Life, breath and the gift of Salvation and Eternity with a God of Great Love. If you are not on the 'same page' with us then just humor me and tag along, you may stumble across something of value or at least encouragement if not enlightenment.
In the middle of the storms of life...No, He doesn't always cancel the storm but He always hangs in there with us while we get through to the other side. Always,you may ask? Yes, Always.
No He does not always respond with "money in the mailbox' or exact color and size but he shows up in His time, with answers that fit and meet the need as He sees it. He has that right. He is God. He is Sovereign. I submit to that and ask Him to honor that submission. O the stories of how He has honored that submission in our lives.
I celebrate forgiveness. He has forgiven and we know according to scripture He forgives then forgets. I can't do that. Sometimes I reach back so far and dredge up remembrances [already forgiven] and satan would defeat, discourage me with those. He would-but he is not in control of this Child of the King.
I celebrate Family. Children. Now Adults who honor us with the lives they live. They [4] and their mates are all different with strengths and weaknesses that I would describe as "warts and all." That's how God looks at and accepts and cherishes us.."warts and all." We see each other at times through Rose Colored Glasses but we know that. It's rose colored glasses not blinders. I celebrate Family. Nothing brings the kind of joy that seeing that family walk through our door brings.
I celebrate creation-God's creation. I try never to hide away from it or ignore it. It makes me alive and draws me closer to the Creator. Even the invisible cool breezes that stop me in my tracks I often count as a gift..from Him for Me at that moment. Creation speaking to my heart, mind, senses,spirit...it's that real to me. It's God gently supporting, comforting, reviving, exciting..one of His children.


  1. I love a good celebration, and what better reason to celebrate than the life, breath and gift of eternal salvation! He reminds us of it in so many ways, doesn't he, Jonell? We too had a sudden burst of cool air today and it was an amazing gift after two days of driving rain and wind. A literal breath of fresh air. I'm loving it. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts.

  2. So inspiring and so true! I needed these words of wisdom more than you know. I continue to keep you guys on our thoughts and prayers and hope to see you both very, very soon. Xoxo


    1. Hey pretty girl...thanks for READING..now-can I get you to FOLLOW? I have thousands of readers but haven't even gotten to 100 'followers'..no strings..just 'make me look good' well, better w more followers. Love ya!

  3. Share away Jonell! I was stopped in my tracks about the picture taking thing when my daughter told me she wants lots of pictures to remember me by and she only has a few with me in them from her childhood. I'm changing that TODAY!

    Bless you friend. NOTHING BETTER than a GREAT celebration with God's most PRECIOUS gift to us.

    Love, Rebecca

  4. Very inspiring! Thank you for the kind comment! May the Lord's Grace bless you and keep you! Lovely blog! I am following you! :)

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  6. Sherry-thank you so much..I try to visit followers regularly..I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE.


  7. Rebecca: I started a post but for the 'life of me' have not been able to link it up -don't know what I'm doing wrong..can you enlighten me?



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