October 02, 2012

Pretty Dishes are for Using~

A place of honor-
2011 Christmas morning Brunch

Pretty Dishes- they make me feel good. Even the most
ordinary of meals is measureably more enjoyable when
it's presented on pretty dishes. This small assortment
came my way "being in the right place/right time." I am
still searching for a few additional cups/saucers and a
replacement sugar bowl

I do not have vast or complete
collections of any dishes -perhaps
this is why my small displays are
little treasures to me. None of my
collectibles are 'on hold' saving for
a special day, ocassion or person.
The memories are made in the using
of our pretties.

My mother had no material things to
pass along to me- I think this is why
I find joy in even a few pretty dishes
etc. as I aquired them over the years
living in 7 states. With few exceptions
I can recall the stories-where I found
them and often how much or little I
paid or if it were a gift.


  1. Hi, Jonell....Thanks so much for dropping by my place the other day! Now I'm really enjoying looking around your blog and have become a follower also. I've got to say I absolutely love pretty dishes too and I agree that a pretty place setting makes so much difference. Like you, I don't have extensive or large collections of any one thing, but I adore the dishes that I've inherited from my Mom, my Mother-in-law, and other family members. I get so much joy from using them. Of course I can't resist buying even more when I get a chance....LOL...I am somewhat addicted I think. I loved seeing some of your very pretty settings. :) Elaine

  2. I love that you appreciate every minute of your life and treat each moment as an occasion. Your dishes are beautiful, that you use them regularly is inspiring and the story they tell is lovely, just like you :)

  3. So pretty, Jonell. I, like you, have only a few small special pieces. I even gave my own wedding china to my sister in law who had the same pattern and always had people over. My own daughter discovered this fact recently and had a cow! It never occurred to me back in that day to save it for my girls. Ooops. Keep enjoying the moments with what you've got. It does seem to make a meal more meaningful!

  4. Jonell,
    I agree, what good are pretty dishes if they never get used? I love mixing patterns and colors. Love your sweet vignettes.


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