October 31, 2012

Life, Linens. Love & Such~

Use Today. Use the cloth napkins. Use the good manners, the good dishes.  Say the 'I love yous.'  Share the sweet compliments.  Share Jesus Christ.

About 10-15 years ago my husband said one night as he slipped into bed and under the sheets fresh from laundry day: "Fresh linens feel sooooo good" I thought in that moment  if reasonably possible I would change the linens on our bed every day..Oftentimes after that when time was not an issue I would make  fresh linens a twice weekly event.
The last time we bought new linens was 6 years ago and the choices we made were the most expensive good quality we actually could find & afford at the time.  That was a good choice. I still don't need to go linen shopping. We did discover that all cotton is not the same. We've noticed one or two sets of sheets have that smooth yet crisp fresh feel of cotton ..like the shirts and blouses we buy now that are truly no iron [nothing like the old fabric]
Recently my husband began to lose his hair after starting chemo treatments and mentioned being aware of hair  on his Pillow every morning. After that I change the pillow cases every day. It gives me pleasure to do that for him. Scripture does teach us we are to serve "one another."  This is not a sacrifice. It's a joy!

I repeat: Use the day. Use the Good dishes. Use the time. Share the thoughts. Share the expressions of Love-the words, the touch. And the most loving expression also includes backing off - a gift of time and space not pressing to own every moment, every thought.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts by way of COMMENTS below.

Looking Forward,


  1. Anonymous10/31/2012

    I love fresh clean sheets as well, especially when they have just come off of the clothes line!

  2. Yes - I agree! So important to figuratively change the linens daily and always use bests manners. God gives today. He will be there again tomorrow, but by they it becomes today as well.

    Lived through they chemo journey with mom. Find all the pockets of joy and appreciation on the way. Hugs!

  3. Oh Jonell, I'm sorry to hear your husband is needing chemo. I'm sure a thousand thoughts and plenty of emotion comes along with that word. Love your take on the sheets and changing the pillow cases. What a joy such a sweet demonstration of love can bring. Every moment is precious. The simple things become enormously meaningful when we view them in light of that precarious thing called time. You are an inspiration!

  4. Thanks Liz :) We are past the 4h cycle,looking at a CT-two more cycles of chem then a PET ..I have a post in 'drafts' more or less detailing more than I normally would exactly what's been happening for several months now. As a rule I don't give too much specific details re personal matters but my first purpose for blogging is to put this in book form and into my Children's hands. I will post in a few days when I am comfortable with the edited finished content. I hope you will allow me to share w you..it's not all negative and discouraging.


  5. What a lovely thing to do, change the pillow cases every day. I pray your husband has strength in this terrible battle he is fighting xx

    I came by via the blog hop and now I am following you on GFC, hope you can visit, and maybe follow back x
    Angela x


  6. Jonell, such a simple thing but oh how you show your love for him. So sorry to hear that he is going through such an awful thing. I agree with him, there's nothing quite like fresh linens. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. Prayers for your hubby!


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