October 19, 2012

The Great Outdoors- Everything Tastes Better

A simple meal, even your favorite sandwich with chips/fries and a cold drink will taste better with the backdrop of nature or a beautiful garden area.
All it takes is an extra 15 minutes to grab a tray-a colorful plate and napkin [ cloth ] and invite your sweetheart to join you.  The first time [without guests] you do this he may be caught a bit off guard and be wondering 'what's up' with this?  Make it a habit on beautiful weather days and he will begin to see it for what it is- a loving gesture that says "I want to spend time with you." 
I think you will find yourselves lingering longer over your ordinary meal..making another sweet memory.
By the way- you don't have to have a sweetheart to do this..grab a friend. That works too.


Looking Forward ~


  1. Now that evenings are cooler I think I'll suprise my love with your idea, :)

  2. So true!! ANYTHING. Tastes better when eaten outside...as long as the gnats & skeeters are miles away!

    I've been able to linger outside & I love it!!

    Hope all is well. I'm better! Prayer works!

  3. With company like you and a scene like that, there should be lots of lingering. We used to eat out on the patio a lot when my kids were little. It's finally starting to get nice out here this week, so maybe we'll find ourselves out there soon!


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