Love Story -

Just A Glimpse Of Our Love Story
Ted  1992

Have You ever wondered if  Gramma lives alone or there's someone else living  in Gramma's House?
Mystery Solved! This is my sweetheart of 54 + years.  Does anyone else think it's unfair that  often men seem to become more handsome over the years and so often  speaking personally, we women just get older. 

I am honored to be walking through life at seventy + years old on the arm of My Silver Fox..

She said "YES"
Our Story began in May of 1958 with a blind date. Ted was in the Navy, stationed at Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida. While his stated plan was to return for the following weekend, he did not get back to south Georgia until three weeks later.  We double dated with our mutual friends who had arranged the meeting and the young men of course went to church with us on Sunday so our weekends meant major quality time together. The next visit -[that would be the third weekend]- we went to a drive in theater on Saturday night.  This turned out to be the only time we ever went to a drive in or any movie together while we were dating.  He proposed marriage that night.

I remember the exact words. "I want you for my wife."

We were married the following June 21, 1959 at 5 p.m. in the Mershon Baptist Church which had been my church for most of my short life. I was 18 years old in March before high school graduation and getting married in June. Ted was 22 three months later and discharged from the Navy in the fall of 1959. 

We all know these things never work out long term.  

50 years later


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