September 13, 2010

A Little Table for Tablescape Thursday~

A little early to mid century kitchen table [drop leaf formica top] is set to avoid having it used as a catch all where we toss our keys, mail, handbag,etc. The table is actually 'on loan' from a generous daughter in law. The little tea napkins to the left side are handmade and I love any excuse to use them. The fall candle  just discovered from some of my bargain finds last's atop a very old large wooden SPOOL. This candle was the finishing touch for the Little Tablescape. I plan to participate in Tablescape Thursday at
A little depression glass [pink plate] a little vintage Silverplate, a little vintage hand embroidery, a little fiestaware [Yellow] A small part of a chair is visible to the right . These chairs are part of a set [2] that came with a cast iron base,marble top ice cream shop set-from an old fashioned drug store in Palestine, Texas.

The teeny tiny salt and pepper are from a set w a sugar bowl-found it still in the box from the manufacturer..perhaps never used/in an estate sale. I wanted to show you the information on the base of the the cup..will spell it out for you. The saucer in my hand has this on the bottom: TAYLOR SMITH TAYLOR U.S.A.w number 8  37  2
[have had no luck locating replacement pieces, any suggestions ? ]

I like to mix in modern or new pieces like the little beveled mirror square and my wonderful Rooster found at half price in January last year~The sugar bowl lid has been broken..don't you hate that! I will continue to search for replacements on Ebay.[click on the picture to see a better picture of the silver pattern/dresden rose-reed & barton SP]

I wish the Reed & Barton Silver Plate/Dresden Rose [1953 ] showed up better..such a dainty girly pattern..I chose it 'last minute' when I was getting married but never worked on completing the set..after four children and  almost fifty years ended up with one dinner fork,period.  In 2006 I began searching Ebay and now have almost as much as anyone  would ever want..even some extras like Baby fork & spoon. There's enough to share with my Grand Daughters Dylan and Samantha. I hope they will want it.

The tablecloth is not really a table cloth..nor is it a table runner.  It's a vintage piece of hand embroidery that works just so perfectly for this little tablescape.
*oops I forgot to mention those precious little COFFEE SPOONS alongside the cups~am I the only one who thinks they are just "over the top?"


  1. and I just love that you love it- how neet; I have barely finished posting it..still making changes as a matter of fact..You have just made my day! have a new post on my other may like.. Thanks a million,

  2. I totally agree about setting up something pretty to keep it from being a key catchall! I had to do that in my dining room to keep it from being a school book catchall when I'm teaching or tutoring.

    I love your table and clicked on pictures to see it larger just to enjoy the details. You have some lovely pieces, and I love the way you mix it up with things like the rooster and the mirror.

    I love a pretty table!! So much fun!

  3. And I hope you're going to put this on Tablescape Thursday!

  4. Debbie THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! And i would publish it on Tablescape Thursday BUT I AM NOT CONFIDENT I CAN DO IT..LOOKS SO COMPLICATED~

  5. Just to let you know.. I found the calendar picture.. I LOVE IT!!! I think its awesome that you have the 1912 Calendar and that you have it turned to your mothers birth month! (and my birth month lol)- Thanks for commenting my blog.. I love your blog.. I hope to make my blog better over time
    Tammy (Recreating Grandma's House)-

  6. Tammy your site is first i struggled w thinking mine was not as totally breathtakingly beautiful as so many others then I realized THIS IS ME, This is MY ENVIRONMENT and that's MY BEAUTIFUL;I THINK you could likely say the same thing..Enjoy it as I do mine..every new tech thing i figure out is A VICTORY..I'm almost 70 and proud to be ABLE TO DO THIS as well as I can. go for it..your way!!! Let's visit regularly and encourage each other:^)

  7. Very pretty tablescape! I also have yellow Fiesta, mine is pale yellow.

    I'm visiting the person before me and after me, as Susan suggested!

    Love your front porch banner photo!


  8. Love that rooster! Cute salt and pepper shakers too, in the box I see that story teller button.....looking forward to your stories! and you porch is beautiful!

  9. You have just made my day..thank you for the kind words..yes it's our front porch and 99+ % of the photos are mine of our personal environment..AT HOME..not fancy, fancy but IT'S ME!

  10. A lovely table! I have a collection of those little vintage red topped salt & peppers. I've shown them off in many of my tablescape posts. I just love them :)


  11. Great table, love the chantecleer!

  12. Hi Jonell, You have so many special things on this table! I love the little red topped salt and peppers and your "wedding" silver :) I think your granddaughters will be very happy to share with you! Have a great day! Linda

  13. Jonell, first of all, I want to come sit on your wonderful front porch featured in your blog's header! It does remind me of MY gramma's house. Second, I enjoyed reading your post with all the details about the origins of all the pretty things on your table. I've had good luck sending photos to for help in identifying patterns, so you might try that. Finally, I feel sure that your granddaughters WILL want to inherit your pretty silverplate one day! Thanks for visiting my table and your kind comments.

  14. Oh my how didn't HAVE TO linger and say such nice things..reading your note was a JOYFUL MOMENT~honestly!
    I never had beautiful things around me as a child - I saw these in other homes and now those are the things I collect and cherish..nothing is just for display at my house~the memories are made in the use of them..I love doing this and hearing from you and so many gifted and giving ladies.

  15. Such a wonderful collection of much loved pieces. Your silver is lovely, and I admire you for adding to your collection. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  16. I love your vintage cloth that you used so well on this tablescape. I am the same way about my silver. I wish I had more now. Maybe I need to start hunting on eBay.

  17. How priceless that you barbara and Cherry Kay were able to enjoy something I am sharing on the very days I stumbled into one of "Life's Interruptions" [ Phylis Shirer Bible Study].
    From the 16 til just yesterday my "regular life activities" came to a screechin halt..hosp. for a whole two weeks..after that you long TO HAVE HOME WRAPPED ALL AROUND ME..IT IS NOW-AND GOD CREATED THE MOST PERECT FALL DAY FOR MY FIRST DAY RECUPERATIN..AM TOTALLY SOAKING IN CREATION-WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD WE SERVE AND "GOD IS..STILL GOOD!
    Thank you lovely ladies for stopping by GRAMMAS HOUSE while no one was home :^)


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