November 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday-November 2010

Of course I am Thankful..that's a gift God gave me ~a Thankful Heart-even during dificult times.
I am so thankful for a husband to laugh with, who can still change  at 73 years old and who still treats me like a lady.  I don't even think I present as "a ladylike" person but my husband makes me feel special  like "a lady". 
Just this week as we ran back and forth to doctors' appointments I decided as we drove down the highway that I just really needed a cold drink.  No, he didn't want one but pulled off at the first opportunity.  I reached for the door handle and some money and he said: "I'll get it." And there I sat "like some special person" while he took care of my petty little wishes...returning with just the right a cup,not a can and on ice not in a bottle.
Now, how could I possible be anything but THANKFUL with a sweetheart like that? never gets old: I am so thankful for our three sons, and daughter.  Three of them are married and this year I get to say I am also humbly thankful for our oldest son's [never married] sweetheart who is becoming a wonderful part of our family already.  No, we don't know what the future holds there  but we sure are pleased with the way things look now. Everybody need's someone...especially men. God knew what He was doing when He planned this Family Thing,didn't He?

That Thankful expression wouldn't be complete without including our two daughters in law and our favorite son in law..Praise the Lord for  wonderful loving mates for our children. Quite honestly when I refer to "our children" that includes their spouses too..they are all 'ours', Our Family!
Did I mention the weather..Fall has been unusually beautiful in the deep south this year.


  1. What a lovely post. I was just thinking this morning about how lucky and thankfull I am. So many people have such a hard life and it makes me ashamed sometimes when I get upset over little things. God did know what he was doing about the family thing.

  2. Yes, it hit me again as we were driving home from church..a car beside us looked as if people used the rear area to live/sleep in -the driver looked less than "cleaned up" and as I thought about how well dressed we were it filled me with sadness..then he turned into the nearby POPEYE ocurred to me that might be the only one he had enough money for..they advertise very,very low meal deals.

    Even when we [my husuband and I] don't have any money..we abound in material blessings.
    I thank God for using moments like this to keep my heart tender. We brought shoe boxes to church today filled with things for children around the I looked at that vast display of boxes up front I thought of the children opening those soon and their happy smiling faces..AND WISHED I COULD HAVE DONE MORE!


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