November 17, 2010

Dancing Around -

All those ideas, the plans! It's that time again! Ahhhhhhh, Christmas!

mmm ..what am I planning..1st open house at Themarketplace-CLEANING at the  Harrison House,Thanksgiving at Johnny  & Loretta's, the stuff FROM THE ATTIC comes down -is fluffed , untangled, strung in place & put the right space....I know it's way too much - I  do SO ENJOY IT WHEN IT'S DONE! We both look forward to the  first night [just before dark] when Ted and I light all those candles in the bags/w sand.
We enjoy having OTHERS ENJOY our efforts..
Ahhhhh Christmas!!

Yes, I know, I know..Thanksgiving is not here yet but we do have to think ahead, right?
I am not going to totally skip The Season of Giving Thanks~ You do know we celebrate that all year long..I am made thankful daily as I observe life, Creation and people around me.

So..that's sounding like we'll be flipping the pages from Turkey Day to Jesus' Birth  for several all means~Let's celebrate!

[to be continued..]

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