December 26, 2014

Along the Way ~ Mile Marker #16


Imagine a scrapbook filled with every moment, conversation, whisper, laughter, secrets, heartaches, trials, victories and celebration...every shared look, hugs & kisses, intimate moments, family gathering, road trip, flea market adventure, home redo project, gardening chores, walk through the woods, searching the roadsides for naturals used for decorating,
every quiet or desperate prayer time shared, early morning greeting while the coffee makes,

December 20, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree ~

I am not doing an open house tour for you this year but I do think you might enjoy  my tree of choice since 2006[ ]  I call this theme "Shades of White" ~ the only ornaments included are white, gold, silver and clear glass.  Each year I am alert to finding a surprise addition  usually in antique or flea market venues.  I just wait for something to catch my eye and know it's going home with me.
Come,  sit a while and enjoy
the Harrison House 2014 tree
[It won't likely come down until the first week of 2015]

...Short people like me often have recognizable

limits when it comes to lighting and decorating a 9 ft.

Christmas tree.

December 17, 2014

Little Christmas Things ~

This small tree is placed in the equally small breakfast room setting on my truly antique  scales
{There's another story- check it out on the page titled "Everything Has A Story" }
No I have not reached the mile marker in life where my only Christmas tree is an obligatory Table Topper....but I do  claim at least 3 or 4  that measure less than 36" tall.  It's a good excuse for pulling together a few theme  trees.....a kitchen theme could show off things like miniature kitchen utensils or cookie cutters and another in either a bathroom or bedroom might be used for things like a collection of vintage costume jewelry or in the right spot perhaps sports theme goodies like fishing lures would make an impression .{ Just use whatever you have and love to show off }

December 02, 2014

I Choose JOY~

This is the Season of Joy
I just think I shall
Choose Joy!
 Come Along and Share Your Cup Thursday at
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