December 26, 2014

Along the Way ~ Mile Marker #16


Imagine a scrapbook filled with every moment, conversation, whisper, laughter, secrets, heartaches, trials, victories and celebration...every shared look, hugs & kisses, intimate moments, family gathering, road trip, flea market adventure, home redo project, gardening chores, walk through the woods, searching the roadsides for naturals used for decorating,
every quiet or desperate prayer time shared, early morning greeting while the coffee makes,

 the pregnancy and births of each child and the news of each coming or just born grandchild...

 Owensboro, Ky 1970

Just imagine what a scrapbook this would be after 54 years plus the first getting to know and engaged year prior to June 21, 1959. 


Just imagine...No I did not faithfully build and keep updated a 54 year long scrapbook.  But it's there, here still in my mind and heart.

 The pages keep turning every day as I breathe...they are never blank pages, always more memories, pictures, moments like a never ending ticker tape..the days of our lives...together.

Christmas of 2009 A new wedding band to replace
the one he had worn for 50 years [ June 21, 1959-2009]



Early 2013 




The Farmhouse
Our Texas Years 

Pop built it- of course! 

 Restoration A Labor of Love


March 2013 

March 2013 


The Longest Yard Sale 


 June 2013

 Thanksgiving 2012

May 2013 

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