December 17, 2014

Little Christmas Things ~

This small tree is placed in the equally small breakfast room setting on my truly antique  scales
{There's another story- check it out on the page titled "Everything Has A Story" }
No I have not reached the mile marker in life where my only Christmas tree is an obligatory Table Topper....but I do  claim at least 3 or 4  that measure less than 36" tall.  It's a good excuse for pulling together a few theme  trees.....a kitchen theme could show off things like miniature kitchen utensils or cookie cutters and another in either a bathroom or bedroom might be used for things like a collection of vintage costume jewelry or in the right spot perhaps sports theme goodies like fishing lures would make an impression .{ Just use whatever you have and love to show off }

Keep Going...there is more-

mmmm  I wonder how many of these little treasures I have
Okay, keep scrolling down and you count them!

Yes, that's what it is...small enough for a one cup brew of
tea when you use the loose tea leaves.

I know, I know what it's for but to be perfectly honest,
I never buy or brew tea from loose tea leaves.

Finally, a perfect place to show off 'little' treasures like
this aluminum cup from a child's 'tea set'..

Several of our Grands have always  especially liked
having the option of using "one of Gramma's little
cups or glasses. This was naturally a flea mkt find.

Did anyone notice the "tree skirt"  it's a very, very
vintage and very used old pie pan - see the little handle
that slides to release the baked goods ? I am so glad
I thought of that!
Wait...don't go away yet.  I  have a 'finished'
tree picture..last minute  touches
Fresh rosemary at the base and a few sprigs of
fresh Eucalyptus tucked into the tree
Looking Forward ~
I am sharing with Jann Olson
at Have A Cup of Mrs. Olson
Come Along With Me!

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