November 30, 2016


I love giving-but I plainly dislike the Shopping
I do get carried away with the giving
But I detest that MONEY slips in to mess things up

I do truly loving giving to others...
but don't bring me gifts at this time in my life -I have everything-
My house is furnished,
My walls are appropriately covered.

If you  cannot walk in my door without a gift in hand...please-
Something to eat, drink or burn...
okay I'll love something to plant if it's  familiar  and not a new challenge.

I do so enjoy wrapping gifts except when I don't wrap-
I appreciate beautifully done up presents-
but I  enjoy using odd, used and sometimes strange findings to wrap them. Then topping them off with unusual or natural using twine instead of ribbon -  grab a sprig of a dried bloom or a fresh herb stem, even sticking a candy cane under the ribbon or string -This works for me!

There was a time when I was concerned with forming the most perfect beautiful more-the more simple or  strange the better.

Giving generously over the top presents does my heart good...forget cost-the giving matters..not the spending.(free, cheap, reduced or just simply "on sale" )

It's just important to actually THINK about what and to whom you are giving...just think.

Some of my all time favorite Christmas gifts include a bundle of legal/yellow note pads from Sam's-b//c the giver was taking note of something I used regularly.

And the large  bundle of EMORY BOARDS ...I hope the grand who made the choice knew I was genuinely thrilled!

I can still recall back in the late 1970's  when I had a short unusual wish list for Christmas and an item on it I really, really, really wanted one of my children to get for me was a little $1.25 nail file..('diamond dust' ? )  and no one ever gave me that. I would not buy it for myself because I felt it was frivolous and since I did not actually need it -that was expensive. True story.

And I cannot forget the large gallon size VERY VINTAGE/perhaps antique jar [jug?} given to me by my daughter the year she figured out that I actually do treasure and drool over that used, old stuff from the roadside flea markets- By the way what makes that jug really special is that it has a WIRE HANDLE.  Yes, I'll show you. Don't go away-

And I shall always treasure the simple little wooden angel made and given by one of the older grandsons- I'm not sure he realized it was such a wonderful gift -truly a "Keeper"

Did I ever share with you some of the most unusual  -uniquely wonderful things people had gifted me with..allright, if you insist I will share two or three although I don't have pictures of all .
A work friend of my husband once sent home  (for me) a hornet's nest-Yes he did and I made such a fuss over that..honest to goodness .  That natural wonder of nature was proudly displayed  for years until the weather got the best of it.  Another work friend of Ted's brought back a bunch of beautiful pink rocks collected while his family vacationed in Colorado.

I think it's time to "wrap up " this conversation. 


October 17, 2016

ABOUT Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.S. ??!!

 What to do?  Where to go?  What to say? 

Why so many questions we stumble into our day? 

Are we not all adults here?!  Based upon the impressive numbers of CANDLES on my last birthday cake or greeting cards- I say yes. So Why?

Image result for birthday cakes with candles photos

At some point over the years of my history, I got the idea that I would have all the answers when I found myself  mature, older, old.  No, I don't recall hearing anyone say.."Jonell hang in there for 50 - 6o - 75 years and you will have all the solutions, answers, directions . You'll easily be able to fit all the puzzle pieces together." 

Image result for pictures of puzzles

No one ever told me that.  I assumed .....kinda, sorta...I T.H.I.N.K.  I must have. Why else would I be walking around in this teeny, tiny circle I refer to as 'my world' asking myself so many inane, shallow ridiculous questions..indeed why:  (a rhetorical  question )

Well, I have your attention, right?  Great, now you're asking at least on some level;  "What in the world is she getting at? Where is she going with THIS?

Today I am continuing with a recurring  subject:  My BLOG.  Or more accurately  it's my non blog  I refer to.  ( come on you can smile here).

That's what the BANNER reads at my Blog 'Pity Party.'

Sub headers read like this:  Nothing to write about- Nothing's Happening in My Life - My Readers Will Forget Me-

Justa  thought-let's  go back to a few 'notes to self' roughly 3 years ago-during those early days-weeks, months following my change in marital status.

Let's do that-


Image result for pictures of notes to self

on my chalk board pantry doors look like this:-

( Still- Three Years Later)


M.Y. D.A.Y.S.

3. JOY

* Manna for Today

My initial focus is on the first word-OTHERS

However I am willing to admit I fail   there.
Jonell is more often my primary focus

I want answers NOW
I want solutions wrapped up in little packages-convenient-ready to use with no effort.
I know how to share advice on this topic

I know all about the value of considering OTHERS
But when I start making one of those to do lists that includes
It's too easy  to procrastinate -
That can wait until tomorrow..
Or even next week, right?
Yes, I think so.


One last note:  Just in case you are wondering- Just consider this little silly post as another of my attempts to just be open and honest (not necessarily transparent) about my own flawed maturity-while at the  same time amusing you as you slip into a new week.

Don't send condolence notes or thoughtful little  facebook notes asking  "Jonell, are you allright?"
I am allright...just spending a few minutes looking into the "honesty mirror'. 


September 10, 2016

Can We Talk About Christmas.....Really~

It's not too early to start a plan, set a goal for packing your Shoeboxes

For Operation Christmas Child

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