May 26, 2016

Meet Me On The Front Porch ~

Favorite Places

Or the backyard swing~

With My Favorite things

Coffee time is not the same without my
favorite MUG

May 18, 2016

Coming Home to Pretty Sights ~

I drive up, park, get out ready to unload-unpack and settle into my normal (or NOT) routine at home-

And WOW!

Look at my back door going up on the deck!

What a Welcome Home

Isn't it wonderful having God as your always Gardner-especially when you need backup to cover you.!

April 30, 2016

Remembering The Food- In Europe

The Food-

Image result for pictures of french pastries

Ah, yes we cannot forget the food. 
My first recall is that they eat lots of BOILED EGGS in Europe-Every breakfast had that option

Then we have PASTRIES...not to worry if you pass up a won der ful pastry shop- Walk just a few
yards on and there will be another just as fantastic, perhaps more so!

Incredible Pastries for desserts, snack, coffee time & of course for Breakfast

-No complaint here.

Image result for pictures of french pastries

Let's just see you walk past this deliciousness Americans.

More on the subject of Restaurants and Food later

This is a good spot to say
'to be continued'
I just remembered-we have a wonderful [1] local
in downtown Troy. 
It's Saturday afternoon and I have not left the house..
nor have I had anything except
- only coffee  and a bite of cheese today.

Dolce Pastry Shop

to be continued-