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It's all about Faith, Family, Friends and Fabulous Flowers.

April 23, 2015

Ruth and Charles' Garden~ Early Spring 2015

A huge thank you to friends Ruth and Charles
for sharing their personal gardens with
 'Like Gramma's House'

 Ruth and Charles' Garden has been an ongoing labor of love for decades and  like the changes God put in place for all of Creation-

Our Gardens

 Are a slide show of

The Seasons  

Our Creator made provision for the humans we are- who tire of sameness, look forward and long for Changes in the weather, the landscape and personal  gardens around us...our homes, woodlands, roadsides or designated tourist garden spots.

His plan was and continues to be perfect.  And just like the original Garden of Eden these spaces require the loving and never ending  care- we still know as work no matter how much we love it. 

April 18, 2015

A Spring ReRun ~

Just In Case You Missed It Last Spring

March 2015
[All photos 2012 -2013- earlier dates mean I did not change dates on my camera settings]

April 06, 2015

It's The Little Things- by Heather Graham

Monday Morning Coffee with Heather-

I know you can't wait to mark things off your week's 'to do list'but let's just put on the brakes, pick up your fav coffee mug or pretty cup & hang on to your 'reserved seat' while my Blogger friend Heather at   gets her re-fill and Gramma at settles in for her 1 1/2 cups of medium brew with cream of course and we'll see 'What's She Thinking'..[Heather]

April 04, 2015

Add Maintenance Planner and Landscaper to My Resume ~

After being a willing  helpmate for more than 54 years,

 I am claiming yet another title in this new life.

As I ponder this I remember my husband's last work title in industry management was "Maintenance Planner".  As I recall he was responsible  for anticipating, scheduling , overseeing, approving  [ an on and on and on] the maintenance in a specific area [ I THINK] of the Paper Mill. Sorry, that's the best I can do with that job description.

Today I recognize that I can now add the job of  

 "Maintenance Planner"  

to my life resume.

April 03, 2015

About The House-

About The House- Some Familiar-Some Seasonal 2015


Sometimes Spring Cleaning Can Be As Simple As

A Fresh Coat of PAINT


It's easy to forget how long it's been since the last time  they were painted

and a can of good quality spray paint can give one such

A feeling of Accomplishment

April 01, 2015

And the W I N N E R is - ME

SYC the party where you share the things that make you HAPPY

Jann's Blog Anniversary Giveaway

It's Here!!

March 30, 2015

A Garden Tour Anyone?

In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE- Some of these are my photos- Some are from
The Harrison House Yardens
Others are contributions of family / friends

March 27, 2015

Let's Do This AGAIN~ While the Bridal Wreath is Blooming~

A scene as pretty as this should not be called a Spring Re-Run
Spring 2010


Decorator secrets- I never, never buy new table cloths, napkins etc.  I always keep an eye out for basic supplies that someone else has paid the new price for and usually only gently worn.  Flaws & imperfections- signs of use are not an issue for me.  My old and new Fiestaware is the most all purpose stash of supplies in my home.  They are not fragile and mix with literally any dishes I enjoy using.  I never have a real plan for coordinating dishes, pottery, linens- "I just make it up as I go."

March 22, 2015

Some Things Just Make Me S M I L E ~

The birds singing-
butterflies flitting ~ Children Playing~


  • Pretties- the icing -  the fluff -   the extras -
Source  Southern Living Magazine

March 20, 2015

Easter-Spring Tablescape

You Are Invited


Sweet Seasonal Reminders

Spring 2013

These scenes from a season ago motivate me-
I hope it gives you a nudge and brings a smile to your face too!
We just don't always use these pretties often enough but I will say they are all meant to be used at the Harrison House-

March 17, 2015

Rememberings~ About Milestones - Mile Markers [#19]

Milestones are specific points along the route you're traveling [life]. They got your attention-you recognize their importance continuing  on your journey...oftentimes in another direction.

Mile Markers are visual Markers along the way that tell you the distance you have come traveling from  a specific place...behind you, [in the past].

A New Season Indeed~

A New Season

As I stood behind my Pastor's pulpit on August 21, 2013 with only the barest bit of written outline I had no idea what the first words to come out of my mouth would be.  I composed myself ever so briefly- maybe two seconds and just as if I had at that moment created the words in my own head this is what came forth:

"This is ANOTHER day which the Lord has made

and we will CONTINUE to rejoice

and be glad in it."

Amen -

March 13, 2015

Aiken House & Gardens: Shades of Aqua

Aiken House & Gardens: Shades of Aqua

To say that Carolyn always inspires and challenges with her style, photos and beautiful displays indoors and an understatement!

Now go visit and tell her Gramma sent you

March 12, 2015

Could I interest You in Growing SUNFLOWERS?

Image result for Sunflowers

  • Because they are such natural beauties
  • Because they are easy to grow
  • Feed the Birds
  • Use in Both Fresh and Dried Floral Arrangements
  • Potpourri

Is there anything difficult about successfully growing to harvest Sunflowers?

March 10, 2015

My Personal Recommendation ~

For Your Reading Pleasure ~ And Much More!

When you weary of Vanilla Christianity

Personal Note:  I have no desire to use Like Gramma's House for selling  but I eagerly and without reservation will give up space to share GOOD THINGS from Great People
& promote what they do.
[ btw they don't ask for or need my promotion]

Wishing You GOURD Friends ~

Image result for growing gourds

Do you not have gourd friends? 

I would definitely wish for you to have gourd friends.

That's okay, just allow me to bend your ear about my own creative, quirky, artistic, wonderful gourd friends.

I always remember and love to share about my GOURD FRIENDS during our Texas Years. My first unique and incredibly gifted friend [ gourd friend]  was Hattie.  I kinda, sorta think I recall that Hattie's life experience included teaching very young children-perhaps preschoolers.  That was another time of her life though.  When she came into my life I knew her as my artistic friend who did fabulous yard art with saved objects like old rusty garden tools.  That's just the beginning. Yes she turned unusual things about to be put out for pickup on first Mondays into amazing and often strange creations for your flower beds, wherever they spoke to her. 

March 03, 2015

In Time for E. A .S .T .E. R. ~If You Hurry

Gardening picture

Plant this NOW for Easter cuteness!

By Carrie Lamont (carrielamontMarch 3, 2015

Read more:

The actual date of Easter varies from year to year.
In 2015, it will be April 5.

If you have time, start this project a few weeks before Easter to have plenty of time for germinating your seeds.

March 02, 2015

I Didn't Forget~

No, I did not forget the #18 mile marker but am just thinking you may be a little weary of my tracking every step along the way of this new and different life since August 18, 2013.

I'm trying to focus on life around me and be alert to things of interest  I can share with you.  I have not taken a month long nap and forgotten about Like Gramma's House and the readers. I'm just trying to find ways of breathing new life into this 6+ year long project I'm sharing with the world.
Someone reminded me in the past week that I have had many experiences and been involved with lots of interesting things...and as I look far back into all I have written I am reminded of many of those. 
Drop by regularly and perhaps you'll spot something to inspire, amuse or perhaps encourage you.

Looking Forward....Again~