February 06, 2016

P R A Y I N G IS -

Like Breathing

There is a permanent connection between me and the God I serve-

Praying is

[for me]


[like breathing]

Praying is

Praying is
Sometimes talking aloud

Prayer is
Sometimes Quiet
Other times...desperate
Crying Out.
Sometimes Pleading
Other times just
Opening up, spilling out

Sometimes standing tall with arms outstretched toward the heavens
Other time kneeling, vulnerable
Or face down in total submission
Emptying one's self out
empty- defenseless-
though not defeated.
for an audience
to impress anyone
Not even God

Praying is Getting Real
Shedding layers of pretense

is Necessary..for God's children...for me

No words needed

Just breathing ...barely
And leaning softly into
my Creator

My Lord, really...

January 26, 2016

And H.E.R.E.'s Abby -

Well, I have finally made it to London!

lodon tower

A long & tiring trip but oh so exciting! Running off only 2 hours of sleep from a 6.5 hour flight, I started my adventure early Thursday morning.

We arrived at the hotel and explored a little before heading to a quick introduction orientation and dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner, we wandered over to see Big Ben & The London Eye (no big deal or anything...). It was absolutely breathtaking to see these landmarks live and in person; especially because they were lit up since it was nighttime. The architecture was so stunning!

After taking only a few (hundred) pictures, we decided to take "The Tube" (metro/subway) back to the hotel. Our advisor had told us we would never need to go out of Zones 1/2 when taking the Tube. Well, we missed our stop and having lived in DC, I figured that it would circle its way back to the stop again. Well, about 35 minutes later we end up in a deserted Zone 5 which was so far out of town with no one around and no one else on the Tube. Luckily, Amanda found a lady who was able to help guide us back on and tell us which stop to take. All in all, a quick 10 minute Tube right took an hour and a half. I guess you live & you learn.

Friday primarily orientation and learning about England & what school will be like in Manchester. One thing I have learned here is that the drivers are RUTHLESS. They do NOT yield to pedestrians & I am pretty sure they do not know how to use their brakes. If you're in the street and the light isn't green to walk, you will most likely get hit. Luckily for me, they have spray painted on the pavement to either "look right" or "look left" since it is opposite from what I am used to.

Introducing Abby-

lodon towerIntroducing my new young friend Abby who has just landed [literally] on London soil to begin a five month long adventure in education, history, travel and who knows what else she will devour from her temporary new home. 

>Hello! My name is Abby Koch and I am a junior at East Carolina University. I am currently studying abroad in England at the University of Manchester. I will be here until mid June! This is my first time abroad and I am so excited to share my experiences with you! My current home is Montgomery, AL but I work in Troy, AL at the Chick Fil A . I have been there for about 3 years and I LOVE working there. Although it is just a quick service restaurant, I love meeting and talking to all the people who pass through each day. Growing up with my dad in the military has given me a big passion to travel! I would love to just travel the world and meet so many different types of people. I hope you enjoy the moments I share with you!