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September 22, 2014

Nothing Special ~ Except To Me

 Yes, I know the front porch is not Company Ready-
It's time for a wicker paint redo-will get around to it.
I'm wondering if you like the  flat basket by the door. I surely do!

 That tiny table is one of my favorite little things

Another   tid bit of insider information: Yes, I leave the c/s out/even over night then it regularly  goes into the dish washer.....[go ahead and laugh]then I set it out again. Not to worry if you visit I will make sure you have your hot drink in a fresh cup and saucer.

 The greenery is from  one of the varieties
of butterfly bush/tree. ..after the blooms are gone

 There was once a time when I loved and collected baskets...BASKETS & more BASKETS
Now I weed out and dispose of all but the most
 distinctive BASKETS

Again...flea market napkins!

Lanterns- My new favorite thing - I especially like the less than
perfect ones with 1/2 price tags.
I know I don't have to tell you..I never tire of the fiestaware~

COME WITH ME...Let's go visit Katherine's Corner Thursday Favorite Things
Katherine's Corner

Looking F O R W A R D,


September 21, 2014

My Safe Place..Space-

''Oh my Lord God of Heaven, Earth, Creation and all that is and will ever be:  In this world with so much suffering, chaos, cruelty, evil and conflict between nations and families and individuals I pray  you Holy Spirit would sift out all this from my brain...from my being and replace it ever so perfectly with calm, order, caring, kindness, patience in our relationships, our communities and families."

As I  sat this morning in my ' hideaway ' my Wisteria Arbor built by my loved one when he knew it would be the last project he would finish from my 'honey do' list....I sat remembering a life, a relationship with another who even more than myself had disdain for conflict...a life and times with more than the usual amount of harmony filling our days.

As a 17 year old when we met then 18+ when we married I didn't even know enough to pray for such amazing things in a marriage but in His perfect plan and merciful  provision He just gave me all this. 

Sitting in this wonderful, though mostly avoided special place [ for the past 13 months] I am remembering good things, sweet precious things not regrets...hardly  a regret can be dredged up..unless it would be a regret there was not even more time. I am sure that's quite normal.I won't pretend this time can always be spent without a melt down with my heart tearing open just as it did 13 months ago. The  tears are not used up yet for sure.

September 17, 2014

I Am So Glad We've Had This Time Together~

I don't know how you found us at "like Gramma's House" whether a random search result or if you were directed from another blog BUT I AM SO GLAD YOU DID!

Just a Reminder:  Some days when you stop by there will be no one at home.  You know here in south Alabama we have chores to do, weeds to pull, bushes to prune and gardens [ no matter how small] to "tend"..woven into my glamorous days are girlie things like scrubbing down the front porch railing, floor, windows and the yucky gutters that are supposed to be white ..CLOROX that's what it needs. 

I am not here to gather a crowd ladies...JUST A FEW SPECIAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU who's number one motive is to have a place to vent your creative juices and challenge yourself with the technology!

You've added BUBBLES to my day!

September 13, 2014

In Between Seasons ~ Weather

We are moments past the worst of summertime in the deep south and days away from being able to legitimately  claim Autumn as a season we know something about.

Any temperature reading below 90 degrees passes for a cold spell in our part of the country so we must be at least 'hopeful' at this in between time in mid September.

 Just claiming  and tagging some of the really sweet places to plop down can just for a bit  alter my attitude.  So let's go browsing around the Yarden [ that's 'Yard and Gardens' at the Harrison House] and find a few special spots to enrich and encourage perhaps help us to focus on what's good and perfect! 

                                  Come With Me ~


This has to be in the month of May because the Oak Leaf Hydrangea is in bloom


August 18, 2014

Ordinary Treasures -

Family pictures truly become treasures when the loved ones are no longer here and also when there are so few of them..

Imagine my surprise when I saw my sister had posted a picture I had never seen of our Mobley Grandparents!! Each picture is like tiny pieces of a puzzle coming together to help complete the picture/the memories.

L-R  Rachel Lee And Marion Albert Mobley
First cousin Beverley Turner White thinks she has the original- Thank you for sharing. Another cousin, Glenda Mobley Keil also confirms that the picture was taken at Aunt Josephine's home in  Atlanta.  I now see clearly the strong resemblance between  Grandma and Aunt Lila Mae and would be willing to wager real money on this....Aunt Josephine bought Grandma a new dress didn't she?  Look at that shiny, fabric and "store bought" looking dress!

We know our grandparents did not leave home [south Georgia] often nor did they have pictures taken often, This makes us doubly thankful that their daughter, Josephine did take pictures everywhere she went then in later years before she died at 94 yrs old she  began to generously share copies of those many pictures with all of us..her nieces & nephews. Thanks a million Aunt Josephine.

Another thing our Aunt Josephine shared faithfully was the GOSPEL written all over the envelopes of the hundreds of cards and letters she mailed to us and many others. When we opened mail from her one could not miss the  bold Bible verses  on the envelopes!!!

August 15, 2014

Mile Marker #12 ~ Remembering The Seasons

[I read recently on Ann Voscamp's blog where she referred to her husband as the Farmer and I remembered saying in these months since I have been without my love that he was 'at heart' a farmer.] He was.

My Farmer 

- 2012 -

September 11, 1937 - August 18, 2013

My forever Smile
I now wear the watch 
and the wedding band-
The cane still hangs on the head of our bed.
The Rocking Chair is empty~

I think I should add farmer to his 'life credits.'  Yes he was born with the heart for Farming. In another time, another century he would have been one of those quiet, strong, steady, resilient pioneers we read about.
The Branson, Mo. trip/Dogwood Canyons

The Texas Years

We couldn't afford to buy a farm so he found a way.  We bought a farm with almost 200 acres with a contract for deed arrangement.   During the Texas years he bought from a local rancher  on 'a hand shake' the livestock he needed to get started [about $10,000.] That was late 20th century not pioneer days. 

August 11, 2014

Old Fashioned Hospitality & Wealth

It seems I have had this conversation often but don't recall posting the same thoughts.  If I have and this is redundant forgive my repetition.

Quilts, especially wonderfully old and somewhat worn quilts crafted long ago with tiny short uniform stitches, remind me of pallets on the floor.  And what, some of you may ask, is a pallet? Of course it's a wooden frame thing that supports heavy loads being transported on trains or trucks.  I know that.

The pallet I refer to is the slight soft bed made on the floor with a folded quilt to accommodate extra overnight guests.  When 'we' were children  a farmhouse bedroom was furnished with usually as many beds as the room  allowed space.  Rarely did I see a bedroom set up with just one bed.  And those two or more beds were generally made up with more than one mattress.  When company continued to pour in  the beds were filled with cousins across and at the foot of the bed..the number determined by the size of the children.  When more beds were needed a mattress came off the bed to a spot on the floor and the routine was many as the bed had room for.  When mattresses and beds were full and still the company is coming the next options is one or more [what ever is needed] QUILTS are folded on the floor to take care of the overflow crowd.  Think about how many people you could sleep with this plan.  It's no wonder a simple two or three bedroom home was able to welcome crowds of uncles and aunts & cousins during times of family reunions and Christmas or Thanksgiving gatherings.  That explains why we always say "There was always room" at our Grandparents or other relatives' houses.  And you were always welcome.