March 01, 2017

Back Tracking....

Back tracking is something I always told the children to do when they lost or misplaced something. I would often say: "Just retrace your steps-Back track."

That's still what I tell myself when I suddenly find something necessary is not where it is supposed to telephone, a piece of jewelry, a garden tool.

Well ladies I'm reminding myself today of the significant number of wonderful, unique Bloggers I try to visit regularly have been ignored (not forgotten) for quite some time and it bothers me.  I am  motivated not because  I think you will feel badly towards me...but because I am missing you. I am missing your wonderful creativity,  your open honest writing, all the fun beautiful spirit and personalities.

So I am here to try to reconnect and truly, selfishly to enrich and encourage myself as I travel across the country  by way of this technology, and back track reading what you have  shared in recent months.
I sincerely pray that you have not been dealing with heavy issues or great sadness but we all know life goes on whether we are faithful and attentive to our blog audiences or a total 'no show' as I have been.

I cannot promise - but I will TRY-


  1. i try to read every blog but woefully fail. and often.
    thinking of you and looking forward to your next post.
    you've much to share. ♥

  2. It seems the days get so crammed that there is little time for visiting blogs anymore, but whenever i find a few quiet hours, I do enjoy it so.


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