Home Wrapped Around Me -

Our House and Gardens Has Become

Our Yarden/

(or Yard & Garden)
Our Goal for the Harrison House is a Place That Feels Like

Home Wrapped Around Me

The front porch [one end] at the Harrison House

Allow me to explain - briefly. The phrase HOME WRAPPED AROUND ME slipped from my lips  [fall 2010] after being hospitalized for a full two weeks. My feelings redefined fatigue & weariness. As it became apparent I would be able to go home these words seemed to express my inner longing.




"I am so ready to feel HOME WRAPPED AROUND ME." In the weeks that followed as I recuperated-lounging in the mid-morning sun like a little puppy-moving from the deck chaise to a front porch rocker [you get the picture] I was daily reminded of how HOME actually felt.

Visit  occasionally & follow along - as we explore with words & often pictures exactly what HOME WRAPPED AROUND ME means to us at The Harrison House.

Many hot lazy summer days found me "justa swinging" on
My Grandma Mobley's front porch swing like this

Peanut Tree-Raintree-Casscia

Whatever you call it we call it beautiful and the yellow blooms can be counted on,from our experience-to show up at the beginning of October..last until cold weather..takes my breath away.

The Summer view from my Kitchen window
Cypress Vine/Hummingbird vine

What does HOME feel like? 
Rural south Georgia

Home feels like familiar twists & turns in country roads,
Recalling who once lived there and what happened there.
Home feels like memories-Sad Memories & Good ones
Plus snapshots in time permanently filed away
Home feels like being remembered -
Being accepted, valued, appreciated,even treasured.
Home feels like A GOOD FIT
Home is an Open Door..another rocker on the porch
an extra plate set at the table-
A bed eagerly readied for unexpected company
Home feels like "Us"...the ultimate Group Hug
Home is Conversation that begins with
"Remember When?"

p.s. Home is ALWAYS THERE  in our rememberings

At the Harrison House
at some point in time became [to me]
Our Yarden
[Yard & Garden]

Home & Yarden Q&A>

Q- What's better than a perfectly handcrafted back yard swing?
A- Having connections with the builder to get it installed FREE!

Home & Yarden-this should cover Home Decorating, Craft & Remodel projects, All things Yard, Flower Garden, Herbs and Vegetable Gardening as well as 'have to share' resource websites/publications. How's that for a start?


A DEHYDRATOR..belongs in the pantry of everyone
who loves dried -fruits, flowers & naturals.

Decorating idea for Fall:

1.Before fall locate some burlap and buy a many yards as you can..
If you wait until you need to decorate it will be gone
2. Use burlap to layer over another OR  AS A WIDE RUNNER
3.Gather a variety of sizes of pumpkins/ gourds or both
4. Use pumpkins/gourds natural or painted or mix it up
5. Fill in with any vrity of fresh and /or dried cuttings
6. Slip in as many small candles [in containers] as space allows
& Use colorful dinnerware..My choice:  various colors of FIESTAWARE


Turn that antique baby bed into a


Pop's Roses
Pop's Roses
Drying flowers is a way of enjoying them longer..the dry form is another kind of beauty. I always have something "rooting" or "drying" on my kitchen window sill or in little containers on the side of the kitchen window..

I fill a little teapot with fresh MINT from outside the kitchen door.. when it roots I PLANT IT AGAIN.

The rose petals fall off -I leave them on the counter to dry then drop them into a teacup. When I want some "scent" I add a few leaves stripped from eucalyptus branches [or lavender, mint or rosemary-whatever :D it's all beautiful "Naturally"- Nothing more needed :^)

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  1. I so hope you can each relate. Of this I am sure-People of 'a certain age' and my first cousins will all 'get it'.
    Do feel free to add by way of a COMMENT what HOME feels like to you personally.


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