June 30, 2016

June 28, 2016

Let's Play: NAME THIS S E A S O N ~

My New Life

( I would move this to the head of the line with today's date but I forgot how to do it-I'll remember one night when I can't go to sleep )

R.A.N.D.O.M  Notes

[ Clarification: My reason for going back into my 'draft' notes and pulling out something not quite current :  Perhaps not many people will stop by to read and just maybe a few of those who do can find something personally beneficial or encouraging in some way. If that is you-I'm happy you found me and my pitiful little post today. Please visit again and I promise to be more upbeat most days! ]

My  first priority  is [must be ] physical fitness and health.
Personal safety and security should be at the top of the list these days.

I am not joining a group of Widows- or a group with the word SENIORS in the name-
Laugh if you will- that's not me. I enjoy people younger and older-not just my own age.

[Readers: "Does she not know she's old?"  Me:  "Yes, I know- I can count the neck and wrist rings. Don't email me that  information" ]

Continuing on ~
I am not reliable as I once was- I cannot be counted on to show up when I say I will. I often avoid accepting responsibilities. [Now] That too is not me.

Update:  Progress can be slow...but I am making progress.  The above paragraph/statement is not 100% true today. Yay for me?!

I have always been a wee bit of a procrastinator...but now I  give the word new meaning.

Another Update:  That too is changing-progress! But on  really rough days the procrastinating is shall we say more like "stopped dead in my tracks."

I often said [in another life] that when I found myself  alone [as now] I would not mind because I like me and have many interests...

Oh my, I had a lofty opinion of myself didn't I? I apparently thought I had all the pieces of this "L.I.F.E." puzzle figured out. 
And God was surely 'laughing out loud.'

The hard, smack you in the face reality: 
Being alone is not simply:  
"Life without my love." 
That is. spelled
E. M. P.T .Y. ~

I - had -  no -  idea.


June 22, 2016

Tips but No Tricks..A Few Things That Work for Me~

DIY Decorators - DIM  Designers - Making it Up As I Go

(Let's Go Visit with Theresa )

[Do It Yourself /Do It Myself]
10 Secret Weapons in Every DIY Decorator/Designer's Tool Box
  1. Duct Tape
  2. Safety Pins
  3. Rubber Bands
  4. Razor Blades/single edge & Box Cutter
  5. Used Tooth Brushes-small space cleaning
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Super Glue/liquid Nails
  8. Selection of Mason Jars/or small bottles
  9. Selection/Variety of Twines
  10. Mirrors


My table cloths are too large or not the right size- Bunch and wrap w Rubber Bands

My curtains or sheers are not the right length..too long or some long and some short-Rubber Bands
I need to cover an object or cushion fast and easy....duct tape

Table decorations instantly...jars and bottles for WEED FLOWERS

Large room, lots of tables to decorate..Instead of Flowers...get outside and cut branches from anything Green, live and growing..Fill MASON JARS and get creative w lining, bunching  and stacking them (small risers help )

And MIRRORS:  Small mirror squares or long narrow strips use as you would a cloth table runner.
This makes an instant base for a center piece or tablescape and you end the project with a clean, uncluttered, finished table -using a variety of [as few as 3, as many as 5 or 7} interesting bottles with either herbs from your own beds or what I proudly refer to as weed flowers from along the roadsides


June 20, 2016

Some Things I Don't Do ~ Anymore

In this new world I find I am still adjusting to changes-still. 

(Just in case you were w-o-n-d-e-r-I-n-g-)

I don't buy a gallon  of milk anymore.  I pretty much don't even buy milk. 
So what about the calcium my body needs?  I take supplements and now and then-perhaps weekly I will pour myself maybe 2-4 ounces of half and half cream (a must for good coffee) and drink that or add the milk to a bowl of cereal!

I don't eat a lot of meat  either.  However, I do try to keep track of how much or little protein I am taking in  and that's when I decide to eat out and enjoy a small steak or baked or grilled  Salmon.   If my healthy dinner out is one of the local country buffet restaurants that's when I indulge in fried catfish.

Another mental note about protein -I regularly stock great nuts for snacks.  Walnuts, pecans and especially enjoy the little 100 calorie packets of smoked almonds.

Years ago we agreed to bring large cartons of our very favorite ice cream home only if we were expecting company or hosting a party. When we just had to have ice cream we would  grab a small, pint size from the supermarket and share it at home. 

In the past when choosing fruit at the market I would be careful to get no more than 4 bananas to bring home but now- two bananas ...they don't last long.  There is pretty much the same with avacados...am usually sorry if I count out 3 or 4.  The odds are one or two will spoil before they're used up.

And did I mention that these days my bread always goes into the refrigerator.  Now I know why Nanny always had her's in the fridge..  When I have more sugar than my canister will hold the excess is refrigerated too.

Another fyi....While for so many years my basic canisters  will hold close to 5lb. bags of things like flour, corn meal, sugar,etc.....now works best if I buy a smaller ( 1 or 2 lb. ) bag .  Any extra of these grocery staples will store just fine in the fridge.

All my grocery staples now store the same (in glass /closed) canisters in my pantry for the simple reason that I do not use up  these things as in the past.

Changes- who knew ?!!

June 15, 2016

Things Worth The Wait -

We Made A Garden
by Margery Fish

You can't make a garden in a hurry, particularly one belonging to an old house. House and garden must look as if they had grown up together, and the only way to do this is to live in the house, get the feel of it, and then by degrees the idea of the garden will grow.”

It's spelled:  HYDRANGEAS


The back yard scene in Pensacola when I got to visit our David & Rita Mother's Day weekend.

I FOUND a bicycle...didn't say I have done it yet :(

March - early May

Below:  Perry, Georgia's Welcome Home after the trip to Europe in
March 2016-

 Bridal Wreath - March