June 28, 2016

Let's Play: NAME THIS S E A S O N ~

My New Life

( I would move this to the head of the line with today's date but I forgot how to do it-I'll remember one night when I can't go to sleep )

R.A.N.D.O.M  Notes

[ Clarification: My reason for going back into my 'draft' notes and pulling out something not quite current :  Perhaps not many people will stop by to read and just maybe a few of those who do can find something personally beneficial or encouraging in some way. If that is you-I'm happy you found me and my pitiful little post today. Please visit again and I promise to be more upbeat most days! ]

My  first priority  is [must be ] physical fitness and health.
Personal safety and security should be at the top of the list these days.

I am not joining a group of Widows- or a group with the word SENIORS in the name-
Laugh if you will- that's not me. I enjoy people younger and older-not just my own age.

[Readers: "Does she not know she's old?"  Me:  "Yes, I know- I can count the neck and wrist rings. Don't email me that  information" ]

Continuing on ~
I am not reliable as I once was- I cannot be counted on to show up when I say I will. I often avoid accepting responsibilities. [Now] That too is not me.

Update:  Progress can be slow...but I am making progress.  The above paragraph/statement is not 100% true today. Yay for me?!

I have always been a wee bit of a procrastinator...but now I  give the word new meaning.

Another Update:  That too is changing-progress! But on  really rough days the procrastinating is shall we say more like "stopped dead in my tracks."

I often said [in another life] that when I found myself  alone [as now] I would not mind because I like me and have many interests...

Oh my, I had a lofty opinion of myself didn't I? I apparently thought I had all the pieces of this "L.I.F.E." puzzle figured out. 
And God was surely 'laughing out loud.'

The hard, smack you in the face reality: 
Being alone is not simply:  
"Life without my love." 
That is. spelled
E. M. P.T .Y. ~

I - had -  no -  idea.


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