May 14, 2013

Gramma Was a Farmgirl..Imagine That~

It's ReRun Monday Just As I Promised ~

The Backyard lettuce crop  is from recent pictures..just trying
to hold your attention
As a child growing up in  rural south Georgia  we always ate whatever was growing in the garden - in season.  We ate the same food all time except
for the big holiday meals then we had more of it! No actually there were really special  holiday meals. We could always count on  southern dressings, fruits [ thanks to relatives from Florida] and our Mamas and Grandmas' fruit cake.. every one totally different.  I know we are not supposed to put down anything Grandma or Mama cooked but here goes.  I never liked their fruit cakes. Today I do like fruitcake-specifically the Claxton fruit cake made in Claxton, Georgia. Their recipe is heavier on nuts and dried fruits and not so much cake/bread texture. ..don't leave-There's More

Small patch but great Tomato harvest that season

When  I was 10 years old I was the official cook for the noon meal & that meant I got to prepare lunch while other family members continued with the farm work.  Summers were quite hot, the work usually meant hot and sweaty so needless to say I was eager to accept this assignment.  

We ate pretty much the same things every day [ in case you missed the first time I said it]. The menu changed if there was something ready to be harvested...field peas, butter beans, squash,  corn, cucumbers etc.  When fresh from the garden produce was scarce there was the basic pantry stock of dried peas, beans.
Nothing like the little bitty summer squash..Love 'em
all the usual ways but especially added [along w onions]
to old fashioned [yes, fried] CORNBREAD. I know, we can't
eat it often but as a decadent treat occasionally surely it
won't be the "death of us"

.  As the years passed and opportunity for new experiences came into my life I learned about  new and interesting foods like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Shrimp cocktail, Grilled Salmon, Boiled Shrimp. I discovered that people in different parts of the country grew different vegetables and fruits. My husband never did get  excited about these discoveries. His favorite diet still would be Steak, potatoes, peas, beans, macaroni & cheese-you get the idea. 

The next best thing to having a Pear tree in your back yard
is having a neighbor with a Pear tree in her back yard-with
an open invitation to Pick What You Want

Funny thing as I have gotten older especially the past 10-15 years I crave the familiar food from my childhood.  That would be the fried conbread, lima beans, new potatoes w fresh green beans. I did "get over" all the southern fried chicken though. Many years ago we substituted baked chicken/breasts for the  less healthy southern fried entree. Even some of the foods I didn't like as a child I now claim as part of my heritage.  That would turnip greens, collards, rutabagas. Funny how we run back to Our Roots and embrace it with such eagerness and joy.  

Remember what so many have said: "You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl."

Why did it take me half my life to discover


  1. Aaaah! I love it... eating what you grow... I think it makes the food that much more enjoyable! :)

  2. You are making me very hungry! All those yummy, yummy vegetables. I used to not like brussels sprouts or kale --- until my oldest son came to visit and prepared them for the family. Yum! I never knew how delicious stir-fried brussels spouts and kale could be! And beans, new potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, etc. and etc. and etc. LOVE garden veggies!!!

    Gracious Hospitality

    1. and do you ever cut the Brussel sprouts in half and cook [lightly] in a skillet w a little pat of butter and BROWN SUGAR??


  3. I've, sadly, never cooked from anything I have grown. You've inspired me.

    1. Now that surprises me b/c you are so resourceful in so many ways....come on girl, let's get some little tomatoes, lettuce going in pots on the porch or patio is a good place to start..nothing like a BLT w fresh tomatoes/lettuce from the yard. It doesn't require much space or effort either..and it's FUN. I forgot to mention howeasy and incredibly wonderful those baby yellow SQUASH are..omy now I am hungry


  4. Cute post Jonell. I think my older sisters may have felt that same way. Me being the youngest of 8 and my father passing when I was a baby had a very different life that they did. Pretty much pampered. lol! I love having fresh produce right at hand in the garden. Soon I will have lettuce, radishes, and spinach. The rest will come later.

    1. Yes, GROWING things is an amazing way of life even!



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