April 25, 2013

Looking Forward~ http://mygrammashouse.blogspot.com/2013/08/looking-forward.html

'Justa  note' for those  who read/follow regularly:  You may be seeing  Random posts and even a few Re-Run posts in the coming weeks.  Then again You may not-I guess that's basically what Random means, do you think?

Let me explain:  As I speak my Silver Fox and I are guests, out of town...away from home during the week M-F while he is receiving additional treatments. Did you miss this? Okay here goes: A year ago My sweetheart of a lifetime [ 1958 ] was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer. Beginning August 2012 he had Chemo infusions every 21 days until December 2012. He handled the chemo extraordinarily well [the Oncologist's statement] and we had  wonderful weeks of "Life is Good"  -actually so good it was really hard to register the reality that he had Cancer.  

Now here we go again. It was a question of when not if , according to the medical Oncologist. That's why we are living M-F  in the homes of our oldest and youngest sons & their families. Yes, Children are a Blessing..for us especially true. We have two other adult  children who would open their homes also were they not 3 hours away... We are so thankful for all of them..the four children and their spouses.

*Next-Looking Forward: Watch for a few re- run posts you might have missed and also come along for blog party link ups if you  will.

I plan to put together a SUMMER PORCH PARTY in June. I would absolutely  luv, luv for you to gather your own PORCH scenes current or from your stash of photos from last year..either way it would be great to have you join up. more later..
Ooops ..forgot to mention the SUMMER PORCH PARTY can be a front porch, back porch, side screened in porch, a deck, a patio or a little Porch Wannabee..Whatever you have is perrrfect.

Lastly: Prayer Warriors please join us-I will post updates
Later: Summer Porch Party in JUNE


April 24, 2013

A Spot, A Moment, A Season, A Memory-

No Words Needed here

Let's have another cup  of coffee..alone or in the
company of a dear friend..still a perfect little spot

The fickle weather here late winter/early spring
really played havoc with the Bridal Wreaths
blooming schedule..last year was perfection so
we  can share  these blooms and a breathless
spring moment from  last year

Come Along  With Me As I Visit With
Jann Olson
at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson

April 18, 2013

http://stringtownhome.com ~ "You Are God Alone"

~My Personal Recommendation:  Please visit my friend and blogger Heather over at Stringtown Home and allow her Timely and straight from the heart remarks to bless you.  Or encourage ...or excite you-whatever it is that YOU need today, this week to help you feel better about this world we live in, this country we have become. 

Like me and so many other bloggers who cross our paths, Heather chooses to allow her blog content to be honest, light hearted and joyful....not filling every post with preachy messages . 

 We want Christ to naturally show through us in our writing.  Then we run smack into days like this week and are truly convicted...feel compelled to STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, allowing what our Lord puts on our hearts to spill out passionately, boldly but with a loving motivation and spirit. Please accept it as that.

Now, Run over to Heather's   at  http://stringtownhome.net  and sit for a bit and soak up a little something good straight from her heart.

Looking Forward,

April 12, 2013

Wisteria Project ~ Spring Reveal

My Silver Fox made no Announcement
 or declaration but this scene suggested 
he was starting a project.
It's another of My Honey Do plans.

Five years ago landscaping projects were being prioritized.  A Strategically placed electrical outlet and  water faucet were installed alongside the WISTERIA VINE I had planted...with stated plan of building an arbor, reading nook, Peaceful hideaway. Yes. 5 years ago

 I had not totally given up but  did have a mental thing going on...quietly trying to envision myself building my own version of this  Gramma's dream outdoor spot.  I really could have done it..I know I could!!  [ an appropriate place for you to smile but not laugh ]

Disclosure: My role in this project had more to do with smiling, nodding approval
& properly timed applause and of course a few changes...adjustments.


That's My Rock Rug
Never before have I used this idea..hope you like it too. I started with a bag of
the smaller size [ Landscaping/Lowe's  ] then decided to give it dimension
by mixing in a larger size. OF COURSE IT'S CHEAP...  Lowe's Home Improvement-
landscaping supplies. LESS THAN $20. w some to spare for Another spot

There were design adjustments as we went along... 3 slats high boards - realized I felt PENNED IN!! One had to go, leaving it two high around 3 sides...just right.
No paint- We agreed to allow it to weather naturally

Props:The Quilt roll is an antique  quilt and the pillow  handmade from vintage/antique materials, a gift from my friend Shirley, always a treasured reminder of our special  times in southeast Texas. I am sure I will be reliving some of those times when I linger with a book in this incredible hideaway...not to mention recalling the scenes of my sweetheart constructing this JUST FOR ME. [ He quietly began work on it soon after his cancer diagnosis last summer. Boards had been selected and stacked to dry out in the Greenhouse for months]

I later found some Good Will outdoor pillows...$2. each just my price range [cheep cheep] and a heavy downpour of rain doesn't affect them at all..beats paying $20 and more, much more dontcha think?

~a special long distance hug and thank you to Heather for enticing you with a Sneak Peak Preview of my Wisteria Project Reveal on  http://stringtownhome.com ..Love Ya Sweetheart! 

OOOPS...don't go yet.  I almost forgot these last few shots taken just this week.  If you love these Wisteria Project  Photos and are drooling to use them...Sure You May. Simply msg me [ harrisonhouse@troycable.net  or facebook: Jonell Williams Harrison] and ASK FOR PERMISSION THEN GIVE ME CREDIT when you use them. ..that's all I require.

The pillows I found
at GW-$2
The Knock Out Rose Bush
 is new- just this Spring

Our Wisteria Project
  That's my Sweetheart..My Silver Fox
Thank you My Love for another
labor of love.
Looking Forward,

To be cont'd... will post as I
spend special moments here

  Come Along With Me As I Visit Some Special Places:

April 07, 2013

It's A Boy!

My, isn't it Grand! No, actually it's Great..After  Grandchildren comes the Great Grands. The parents, our oldest Grand his lovely, lovely wife  now expect to be parents in late summer-perhaps early September. 

Aha, this means our middle son  and Wife are about to become GRANDPARENTS.  When they blessed us with our first Grand Child  I felt not quite ready for the tag of Grandma, Nanny, etc..so I asked to be called Gramma.. Now, after almost 28 years have passed I am  somewhat adjusted to all the tags that come along with this season of life so adding another..great grand parent  just seems a natural thing. 
The Grandparents-
Pop & Nana

Breaking News- I think I would be comfortable with the tag of Gran this time around..My hubby could not care less what the new baby calls him. When we anticipated being Grandparents I was the one who suggested the name POP for my husband..how about Poppy- for the Great Grand!

Imagine that-getting to choose what someone calls you.  I am so impressed with the power I have as a woman!!

That  makes up for not having 'a say' in choosing my own name wouldn't you think?

As I see it with this new branch on the Family Tree - there's  more bragging rights and even less responsibility, right? These old folks couldn't possibly know what to do with a 21st century little one!
In anticipation of this day- I already have put aside a few pieces of Baby Silverware-matches my own silver pattern:  This might be a good time to get on EBay to complete that little set. Oh, yes I did spot some "Beatrice Potter" dishes recently too.

Looking Forward~

Post script:  Our prayer and desire would simply be for a healthy baby with thankful parents focused on a God centered family-

Join us as we Share Our Cup  with Mrs. Olson - Thursday

April 04, 2013

Looking Back~ With Thankful Hearts

'A page from  lgh written about a year ago...2012'

Coming Soon- to a town not so far away from Gramma and Pop's - our daughter and her precious family who have had their adventure in the FAR NORTH..[ Iowa ] now for five long years. [ Remember, we are located in south Alabama.]

 I know it is a bittersweet move for the grands 14, 17 & 19 years old so just maybe we will try to mute the 'celebration' with that in mind. Time heals and the joys of being close enough to "reach out and touch" family will soon make up for the youthful heartbreak of leaving the friends & familiar behind.

As a rule I don't post this type of content that is so personally related to specific family members -but, I just want to briefly share a "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..and His Mercy endures forever.." after all His Blessings are to go back to Him in the form of Praise.

post script: ..that was quite a few months ago and now the 'news' is history.  Our daughter and family are settled in just three hours drive away from here.  What a joy it is to know that we can drive over even for a day trip if we are actually up for that turn around.  We can if we want or need to. Right now we are joyously looking forward to being over in west Georgia not once but twice in the month of May. 
Again, Praise God for this answered prayer.  Family is precious..and Time is Precious.  jh

April 01, 2013

It's All About F A M I L Y


oooooooo FOR ME?  You shouldn't have!!


Steve & Carol
Thanks for having all of us

The Hostess-Our newest
daughter in law, Carol