April 04, 2013

Looking Back~ With Thankful Hearts

'A page from  lgh written about a year ago...2012'

Coming Soon- to a town not so far away from Gramma and Pop's - our daughter and her precious family who have had their adventure in the FAR NORTH..[ Iowa ] now for five long years. [ Remember, we are located in south Alabama.]

 I know it is a bittersweet move for the grands 14, 17 & 19 years old so just maybe we will try to mute the 'celebration' with that in mind. Time heals and the joys of being close enough to "reach out and touch" family will soon make up for the youthful heartbreak of leaving the friends & familiar behind.

As a rule I don't post this type of content that is so personally related to specific family members -but, I just want to briefly share a "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..and His Mercy endures forever.." after all His Blessings are to go back to Him in the form of Praise.

post script: ..that was quite a few months ago and now the 'news' is history.  Our daughter and family are settled in just three hours drive away from here.  What a joy it is to know that we can drive over even for a day trip if we are actually up for that turn around.  We can if we want or need to. Right now we are joyously looking forward to being over in west Georgia not once but twice in the month of May. 
Again, Praise God for this answered prayer.  Family is precious..and Time is Precious.  jh


  1. Yes Jonell, family is precious. We are fortunate. All of our 5 children did live close. Last Oct. our youngest moved to Spain to teach English. We sure do miss her and her hubby. Thankfully we are going to visit in June. So happy that you have them close!

  2. Amen to that. Both are precious and fleeting. What we have today will not always be. I'm glad they didn't go too far!


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