April 24, 2013

A Spot, A Moment, A Season, A Memory-

No Words Needed here

Let's have another cup  of coffee..alone or in the
company of a dear friend..still a perfect little spot

The fickle weather here late winter/early spring
really played havoc with the Bridal Wreaths
blooming schedule..last year was perfection so
we  can share  these blooms and a breathless
spring moment from  last year

Come Along  With Me As I Visit With
Jann Olson
at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson


  1. What a beautiful home and porch! Boy not only would I love to have all that space, but a porch! So pretty!

  2. Love your spot and your memory. The bridal wreath bush is one of my favorites. Mine is still in bud. Yours really put on a show last year. thanks for sharing it's beauty with SYC.


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