April 07, 2013

It's A Boy!

My, isn't it Grand! No, actually it's Great..After  Grandchildren comes the Great Grands. The parents, our oldest Grand his lovely, lovely wife  now expect to be parents in late summer-perhaps early September. 

Aha, this means our middle son  and Wife are about to become GRANDPARENTS.  When they blessed us with our first Grand Child  I felt not quite ready for the tag of Grandma, Nanny, etc..so I asked to be called Gramma.. Now, after almost 28 years have passed I am  somewhat adjusted to all the tags that come along with this season of life so adding another..great grand parent  just seems a natural thing. 
The Grandparents-
Pop & Nana

Breaking News- I think I would be comfortable with the tag of Gran this time around..My hubby could not care less what the new baby calls him. When we anticipated being Grandparents I was the one who suggested the name POP for my husband..how about Poppy- for the Great Grand!

Imagine that-getting to choose what someone calls you.  I am so impressed with the power I have as a woman!!

That  makes up for not having 'a say' in choosing my own name wouldn't you think?

As I see it with this new branch on the Family Tree - there's  more bragging rights and even less responsibility, right? These old folks couldn't possibly know what to do with a 21st century little one!
In anticipation of this day- I already have put aside a few pieces of Baby Silverware-matches my own silver pattern:  This might be a good time to get on EBay to complete that little set. Oh, yes I did spot some "Beatrice Potter" dishes recently too.

Looking Forward~

Post script:  Our prayer and desire would simply be for a healthy baby with thankful parents focused on a God centered family-

Join us as we Share Our Cup  with Mrs. Olson - Thursday


  1. Wow, Jonell! That's so fun. And you are right about choosing your own name. What a great concept, right? Love seeing your kids, and the men in uniform. Congratulations!

  2. Jonell, what great news! Can't wait till the baby is born. My oldest grandson is almost 18. Won't too many years before I could be a great too. My mom was always called G.G. short for great grandma. It fit her to a tee! Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful news with Share Your Cup.


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