April 12, 2013

Wisteria Project ~ Spring Reveal

My Silver Fox made no Announcement
 or declaration but this scene suggested 
he was starting a project.
It's another of My Honey Do plans.

Five years ago landscaping projects were being prioritized.  A Strategically placed electrical outlet and  water faucet were installed alongside the WISTERIA VINE I had planted...with stated plan of building an arbor, reading nook, Peaceful hideaway. Yes. 5 years ago

 I had not totally given up but  did have a mental thing going on...quietly trying to envision myself building my own version of this  Gramma's dream outdoor spot.  I really could have done it..I know I could!!  [ an appropriate place for you to smile but not laugh ]

Disclosure: My role in this project had more to do with smiling, nodding approval
& properly timed applause and of course a few changes...adjustments.


That's My Rock Rug
Never before have I used this idea..hope you like it too. I started with a bag of
the smaller size [ Landscaping/Lowe's  ] then decided to give it dimension
by mixing in a larger size. OF COURSE IT'S CHEAP...  Lowe's Home Improvement-
landscaping supplies. LESS THAN $20. w some to spare for Another spot

There were design adjustments as we went along... 3 slats high boards - realized I felt PENNED IN!! One had to go, leaving it two high around 3 sides...just right.
No paint- We agreed to allow it to weather naturally

Props:The Quilt roll is an antique  quilt and the pillow  handmade from vintage/antique materials, a gift from my friend Shirley, always a treasured reminder of our special  times in southeast Texas. I am sure I will be reliving some of those times when I linger with a book in this incredible hideaway...not to mention recalling the scenes of my sweetheart constructing this JUST FOR ME. [ He quietly began work on it soon after his cancer diagnosis last summer. Boards had been selected and stacked to dry out in the Greenhouse for months]

I later found some Good Will outdoor pillows...$2. each just my price range [cheep cheep] and a heavy downpour of rain doesn't affect them at all..beats paying $20 and more, much more dontcha think?

~a special long distance hug and thank you to Heather for enticing you with a Sneak Peak Preview of my Wisteria Project Reveal on  http://stringtownhome.com ..Love Ya Sweetheart! 

OOOPS...don't go yet.  I almost forgot these last few shots taken just this week.  If you love these Wisteria Project  Photos and are drooling to use them...Sure You May. Simply msg me [ harrisonhouse@troycable.net  or facebook: Jonell Williams Harrison] and ASK FOR PERMISSION THEN GIVE ME CREDIT when you use them. ..that's all I require.

The pillows I found
at GW-$2
The Knock Out Rose Bush
 is new- just this Spring

Our Wisteria Project
  That's my Sweetheart..My Silver Fox
Thank you My Love for another
labor of love.
Looking Forward,

To be cont'd... will post as I
spend special moments here

  Come Along With Me As I Visit Some Special Places:


  1. I keep coming back - can't help myself! I just stare at the photos... its w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.!!! Can't say it enough!!

  2. This is a gorgeous spot you have created.

  3. Wow that is amazing! My mom loves Wysteria. She has some in her yard too. Love all the pics!

  4. Jonell, I'm jumping up and down and whooping it up over that grand creation. What a sweetheart your husband is to do that for you even while dealing with his cancer. It's an amazing little retreat, especially with those gorgeous blooms growing overhead. I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it!

  5. Hi! I found your blog on Share Your Cup Thursday and am your newest follower. I am also a Southern girl...Mississippi. Your project turned out great. A terrific spot to hold your "Silver Fox's" hand! I love Wysteria. It reminds me of the lilacs that grew outside of our home when my dad was stationed in Maine. Please stop by Still Woods Farmhouse when you get a chance to visit!

  6. Great job on your retreat! Love Wisteria! Take care!!

  7. Jonell, Siver Fox did goo! Love, love it! What a special place to relax and enjoy the beauty around you. I adore Wisteria. Had a vine and a tree at my previous home. Hoping to have one here someday. I too am waiting for an arbor going into our firepit. That
    is where I will plant the vine. We've been her 4 years in July. Always seem to have other things to do first. This year it's finishing our basement. Someday. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Hi Jonell, just popping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at Share Your Cup. Party will start early today. Sometime before noon.

  9. How sweet is that!! Every sitdown will remind you how much your Silver Fox loves you. We bought some wisteria a week ago. :D I am hoping to have a little arbor similar very soon. Now it may be very VERY soon. :)I just need to scout the perfect spot now. We haven't been able to plant yet as we have had high wind and a few freezes still. But I am sure Spring is here to stay now. ;)

    1. Wow!!!! You lucky girl- your little reading nook is just perfect. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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