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                       Morning Rounds
My morning routine takes me, yellow Coffee Mug  in hand, to our deck with Nature Surround Sound. Soon I amble over  &  snoop around. Heather may be having a party!

After approving or chiming in with comments, I make time for strolling Down the Lane and Around the Curve, at . It's quiet there and I may run smack into inspiration. 

Now it's home again to be sure everything is Like Gramma's House. This could turn into housekeeping, some redo, spruce up projects [blogging].
Enough with he creative challenges-real life inspiration awaits me a the Harrison House.

Heather Fillyaw-Graham has agreed to be a Guest Author/ Blog Contributor. She's at

Heather has incredible  creative energy I admire & multi talented.   It is safe to assume there may  be quite Random, Frivolous posts as well as Thoughtful or Spiritually challenging content. Know this: Heather is A Woman of Faith.

**Just in Case you are wondering- Yes,  Heather  and I Have a History but No, I Am Not Her Gramma. She is an East Texas girl while I am a transplanted South Georgia Peach-now in south Alabama after living  for 21 years in Southeast  Texas.  Praise the Lord for the journey that allows our paths to cross with such precious people! jh

My daughter  Deanna Glass has agreed to collaborate with her Mom as her family life family responsibilities permit.

This is a change I have been looking forward to especially since she and husband Tim and the three Grands  relocated closer to "home" . 
Deanna is married to husband Tim since 1989 and they have two daughters and one son-Dylan, Zack & Samantha.

My daughter may not share this with you but let's just say- V O I C E. More important than the gift is her heart for using it for the Lord.

In addition to the gift apparent in her singing this child of mine has not only amazing spiritual depth but a wild, weird and crazy sense of humor.  She can't hide that humor. It's going to show up so don't be surprised when you think..."Is she serious or What???"

[Anything else I am holding back  is going to be over the top biased.]

My invitation to both Heather and Deanna has  been pretty much anything goes.  I trust both their wisdom, gifts and choices . I am expecting sometimes short catch as catch can drop by posts, longer, more thoughtful spiritually challenging thoughts and it certainly won't surprise me to often find their unique sense of humor  showing up in what they choose to share with me and you readers.

I will stand back and wait for them both to share as they choose more personal information as you get to know them and their hearts, their style.

Introducing my new young friend Abby who has just landed [literally] on London soil to begin a five month long adventure in education, history, travel and who knows what else she will devour from her temporary new home. 

lodon tower
I first met Abby in my favorite morning coffee [& other delish options] spot and engaged her in conversation to share a compliment.  She was working in this local restaurant and I noticed when she smiled or laughed she looked so much like a dear young friend from my Texas Years , Heather. 

Months later as we talked and she shared her plans to be studying abroad in London Abby,
I immediately thought of   My Readers and asked if she would consider posting about her 5 month abroad experience. She said YES!

My intention is to share Abby's notes on Mondays but will happily share more often if she becomes a prolific writer of blog posts.

Please visit and welcome my young friend as she allows us to experience vicariously her studying abroad adventure for the next five months..I expect to be enlightened, entertained and educated. My readers are from North America, Russia and I think a few from London & I hope you will encourage my young American friend & student as she devours and generously shares with us by leaving comments for her.

   My intent is to share Abby with you on Mondays- this plan will depend upon how often she checks in with travel notes.  I am happy to share with my readers as often as she shares with me!
As we begin
Russia and I believe I have a few now and then from England...please drop in regularly and enjoy London vicariously through the eyes, ears & heart of a precious, beautiful, delightful young American student..studying abroad.
Like Gramma's House readers from America,
When Abby shares   her  studying abroad plans I almost immediately thought of my blog readers..I asked and she said YES!
I KNOW, I KNOW, even old people should not talk to STRANGERS, right? Okay, so I broke the rule but let's not worry with such minor details.

-a really special favorite place for Coffee & other delicious options-she was working there and I stopped her to specifically share the fact that she when smiling or laughing looked so much like a dear, dear young friend from my Texas Years, Heather.
I met Abby in our local restaurant