March 20, 2011

3-29-41 Remembered~

They know I love colorful. They know  how much I appreciate flowers and candles.
I appreciate the fact that they knew how to find and use a small package of candles using  less than the entire eight.  Somebody likely did a little visualization and knew they didn't want to make a cake large enough to accomodate that many candles-of course Gramma wouldn't have been able to blow them all out without starting a fire.

March 14, 2011


Steve & Carol
December 2010 at "the Hanging of the Green" at Eastern Hills
Baptist Church, Montgomery,Al.

They came down Saturday afternoon to share the news with us and
we had dinner together at Ruby Tuesdays

[Right now I am so overwhelmed and joyful I am almost at a loss for soon as I "find words" again, I will elaborate on this wonderful
news and all that is filling my heart. additional pictures to follow ]

March 11, 2011

A Personal Invitation!

Pour yourself a Cup of your Fav Tea, turn the TV off, Pull up a Chair and soak in all the Pretties I have scattered about the house for you - join the conversation-Leave Me a comment, feedback you want to share. If I did not like tea I would drink it anyway just to have an excuse for collecting pretty tea cups and teapots.

I look forward to your input~ Jonell

March 02, 2011

When a Thank You is Not Enough~

The Restoration Project
A Labor of Love
 There are some things so unselfish in the doing and giving that THANK YOU is not adequate. In fact just the words THANK YOU are almost pathetic. I am thinking of the act of making SALVATION available to us ~it's just not enough to say 'thank you'~ to put that into my pitiful everyday perspective..has a loved one done something for you that was so totally beyond SELF..So completely about YOU THE RECIPIENT and you start to express appreciation and it's hard to say thank you..IT'S SO WIMPY..whaddaya do? What I did was just express to that person what I just said..that I realize THANK YOU just doesn't cover it. mmm something to mull over and see what God reveals to me there.