March 11, 2011

A Personal Invitation!

Pour yourself a Cup of your Fav Tea, turn the TV off, Pull up a Chair and soak in all the Pretties I have scattered about the house for you - join the conversation-Leave Me a comment, feedback you want to share. If I did not like tea I would drink it anyway just to have an excuse for collecting pretty tea cups and teapots.

I look forward to your input~ Jonell


  1. I love your porch, I am so longing for lots of porch sitting weather. And after seeing your zinnia's I am ready to plant-I hope I am not rushing the season,we still have our Easter cold snap to go through.

  2. You are so very kind..thank you for stopping by! This was TIME TO REPAINT year..just finished repainting the black pieces on the porch..time to get out the ferns that survived and make a trip to THE FERN LADY..not far from here..wholesale price ferns. The hyacynth is already a thing of the past but there are green eaves on the curly willow, radishes popping through the ground and I see tiny tiny little white "almost buds" on the BRIDAL WREATH branches..Yes I love ZINNIAS too but perrenials are best...the beautiful IRISes from my sister in law are just now beginning to bloom..pretty as orchids I think. I especially love having things that came from a friend/or relatives garden..


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