August 29, 2013

Looking Forward~Again

It's a new day at the Harrison House
The Harrison Family
We have never been here before
Like Gramma's House
May take a new direction-
It's too soon to know what that might be
For right now you may expect to see  random postings of 
Linky Parties-Blog Hops
Picture That! - Craft Projects
Friday Friend Day
[Fun Things Blogger Friends are Doing ]
I hope Followers and regular Readers of Like Gramma's House
Will continue to run by
And that you understand
''This is just where I am at this time."
I love my blogging thing-love that you appreciate what I share.
I just have to find a new motivation
I know I will be able to do that..
 Many of you have energized and inspired me
in the past five years-
 How  have you made these kinds of changes in your life?
Looking Forward,

August 25, 2013

God's Timing-

God is Good....still
[ He gave us 54 years, 1 month, 18 days, 5 1/2 hours ]

Last year 2012 in June we were given a diagnosis of Cancer
Stage 4-spots all the way through the wall of the esophagus,
at the base of the esophagus/going into the stomach, on the left lung and also on the liver.
The timeline laid out for us was 18 months
We are now [2013] beyond 6 months of chemo and 27 treatments of radiation/w chemo pills.

God gave us another in a long list of perfect gifts
The gift of time-

With a timely heads up regarding what the very, very near future would  hold

God does not give shabby gifts-only good and perfect ones
I don't even have to recognize it as a is.
Our prayer [one of many] has been  that we not squander this gift of time-
that everything we are
Honors the Lord God  we serve
This was foremost in our hearts, our prayers

My Love left us 'for a time' last Sunday night-
We said our Good byes, shed our tears and love notes, songs &  prayers
And his Nan Sang 'Amazing Grace' beside his bed-
Surrounding a devoted husband, father & Pop with so much love-

I asked him as his time came closer
"Do you feel like the most loved man in the world?"
His whispered reply:
"I know I am."

My Sweetheart .... Lived well,
He Loved Well-
He died peacefully...
with dignity....
and a Grand Send Off!

The Bible says:
"Honor your Father and Mother..."
His  family honored him in life-
and in the leaving.

I have never been more proud of our family-
He would have said:
'I would have expected no less.'

Later, My Love-

 His Loved Ones


Christmas in Brundidge 2011

[ My silver fox was cut out of this 2012 Thanksgiving
snapshot..but he will always be in our hearts & we
will share eternity with him, Later, my love.] 
Thanksgiving at Steve & Carol's 2012

Tim, Deanna, Dylan, Zack & Samantha

August 13, 2013

Whatsoever Things Are True~

Whatsoever Things Are True~

A Praise the Lord Anyway Day 

This post  is a Re-Run ya'll....sorry if it's just too heavy for you today but
This is where we are in life..
For those of you who wear the badge saying "Christian" please
pray for us in what appears to be our last 'few months' to fill these days with laughter.
even Joy and if you will pray for all the tears to be not only cleansing but
also strengthening-we truly want this to Honor the Lord we love and serve.

.....whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praise worthy—think on these things. Philippians 4:8
Yes there are days when we do battle with our thoughts, with things unseen, even things that will never be a reality in our future.  I don't always win.  The One I serve always does.
I don't always have the demeanor of a Victor and I do know where this doubt, fear, confusion & even questioning originates. It is without a doubt satan, the evil one [no capitalizations here] who is  now roaming 'to and fro' seeking whom he may destroy.  That would be me he's intent upon defeating.
I Corinthians 14:33 'God is not the author of confusion...." reminds me it is such a good thing to memorize scripture. do  battle with when  we are engulfed with turmoil, doubt and questioning. 
Today is one of those  early days of this journey just begun and I admit there are 'defeaters' swirling within my inner self. I am tempted to compare my life to non believers asking why. There are momentary feelings of envy, dissatisfaction, insecurity and recalling thoughtless words I have heard spoken: "Good things happen to good people." People mean well. They don't think about those within hearing who are grieving or suffering.  I am not angry.  The questioning is brief but I have learned over the seven decades past that satan will use anything 'not tied down.'  [anything not  "good, true, pure, right"]  as he attempts to cause me to stumble knowing when I stumble others will trip over me.

This births another thought:  " God I truly want to come through on the other side of this life event closer to You.  Give me a supernatural abilty to love, to forgive and to endure, to be truly content with what I have and where I am."
James 1:4  And let  endurance have its perfect result [work], so that you may be perfect and complete [mature], lacking in nothing.

My 'silver fox' is at a peaceful contented place with what he is facing.  I see no doubt & no questioning in his demeanor.  I want to be 100% there with him on the same page, however; I do feel the burden is different and weighs differently [if not heavier] when it's your loved one  who faces the  challenges with it's uncertainties and sometimes suffering.
Lord Jesus forgive me when I give this to you then go back and pick it up again.   The life You have given us has been so incredible and rich. The popular phrase "Life is Good" doesn't even begin to work nor is it adequate to address or describe the love and joy ...But LIFE IS GOOD. satan cannot take that from us and to quote my 'love'...God is still in control.
post script:  Looking back at the dates-We were sure at the time we had perhaps 2-3 months left-for sure we could plan his 9-11 Birthday party..the we would "look forward" to Thanksgiviing. After that we 'could dream' of Christmas ..maybe. It was not to be. The date I posted the words above shows 8-13-2013. We had 5 days left.