August 25, 2013

God's Timing-

God is Good....still
[ He gave us 54 years, 1 month, 18 days, 5 1/2 hours ]

Last year 2012 in June we were given a diagnosis of Cancer
Stage 4-spots all the way through the wall of the esophagus,
at the base of the esophagus/going into the stomach, on the left lung and also on the liver.
The timeline laid out for us was 18 months
We are now [2013] beyond 6 months of chemo and 27 treatments of radiation/w chemo pills.

God gave us another in a long list of perfect gifts
The gift of time-

With a timely heads up regarding what the very, very near future would  hold

God does not give shabby gifts-only good and perfect ones
I don't even have to recognize it as a is.
Our prayer [one of many] has been  that we not squander this gift of time-
that everything we are
Honors the Lord God  we serve
This was foremost in our hearts, our prayers

My Love left us 'for a time' last Sunday night-
We said our Good byes, shed our tears and love notes, songs &  prayers
And his Nan Sang 'Amazing Grace' beside his bed-
Surrounding a devoted husband, father & Pop with so much love-

I asked him as his time came closer
"Do you feel like the most loved man in the world?"
His whispered reply:
"I know I am."

My Sweetheart .... Lived well,
He Loved Well-
He died peacefully...
with dignity....
and a Grand Send Off!

The Bible says:
"Honor your Father and Mother..."
His  family honored him in life-
and in the leaving.

I have never been more proud of our family-
He would have said:
'I would have expected no less.'

Later, My Love-

 His Loved Ones


Christmas in Brundidge 2011

[ My silver fox was cut out of this 2012 Thanksgiving
snapshot..but he will always be in our hearts & we
will share eternity with him, Later, my love.] 
Thanksgiving at Steve & Carol's 2012

Tim, Deanna, Dylan, Zack & Samantha


  1. God IS good all of the time. I have been thinking of you both and praying whenever I do, ever since your last post. I know you are looking forward to the time now when you can be together again. In the presence of the Father. Thank you both for the grace you've shown. God bless you and your family.

  2. May the love of God which passes all understanding......

  3. Sweet lady, your heart radiates the joy and love our Heavenly Father has given us. Your spirit, your voice, your words...they are always pointing us upward.

    I count it a true honor and blessing to know you and to have witnessed the love you and Mr. Harrison shared.

    Even now, in a time such as this, your heart shows the joy that only comes from Christ. In some ways you are broken in grief, but through it all you are rejoicing in hope and continuing to spend time on "y'alls" porch basking in the grace, peace and love from our Lord.

    Thank you for being such an amazing example of Christ. You will never know the true impact you have had on my life, both in Newton days and now. I love you!

  4. Such a legacy he left! Love you... I'm so thankful that I can call you my friend... you are such a graceful woman - the picture of strength in knowing Jesus!

  5. God is wonderful and beautiful.
    and the post is beautiful to remind me about His timing.

    It such a legacy and you have grateful heart about all things that He has done. Joyful heart is good medicine :) ( I remember this scripture when I read this post)

    and look you are surrounded with beautiful family.

    Thanks for sharing,


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