August 29, 2013

Looking Forward~Again

It's a new day at the Harrison House
The Harrison Family
We have never been here before
Like Gramma's House
May take a new direction-
It's too soon to know what that might be
For right now you may expect to see  random postings of 
Linky Parties-Blog Hops
Picture That! - Craft Projects
Friday Friend Day
[Fun Things Blogger Friends are Doing ]
I hope Followers and regular Readers of Like Gramma's House
Will continue to run by
And that you understand
''This is just where I am at this time."
I love my blogging thing-love that you appreciate what I share.
I just have to find a new motivation
I know I will be able to do that..
 Many of you have energized and inspired me
in the past five years-
 How  have you made these kinds of changes in your life?
Looking Forward,


  1. I know you will find your own way eventually, Jonell. I am sure it's hard after so many years together. I'll be praying for you.

    1. Thank you so very much Nancy-the need is real ~I am no super woman

  2. You're so talented, I know you'll continue to be the woman that made him proud, and inspires us all so much. Love you, and I'm excited to see what you have in store. :)

  3. I will be praying for you friend :)
    and I cant wait to see the next :)


    1. O how I appreciate those prayers Delalina-

  4. Hello Jonell,
    I think we're always adjusting in our lives - you truly have been blessed and have been a blessing sharing your thoughts and experiences since your dear husband went to be with the LORD. I often think and pray how I would/could be. Your inspiring words are just the way I want to face the future - knowing God's incredible love for us and the marvelous gift he did give you in your husband and your family. Just imagine the marvelous joy you're husband's experiencing in the presence of the LORD. One thought that I rest upon is - there is a hello after goodbye..and you will be together much longer than this brief time without him and in the presence of our loving God.
    I know you're new direction will be well thought out and know that you have and will touch lives positively as you have.
    Hugs and prayers,

    1. Kathy how generous of you to take time to leave a note-I treasure those! I truly do!

    2. Just random browsing this morning as we are focusing on hurricane (NATE)
      As I look back to 2013...GOD IS FAITHFUL ( no big surprise) He has never failed me.
      Reading your comment- what can I as? JOY, JOY-Thank you Again!!

    3. Correction - what can I SAY?

  5. Hey I found your blog! So nice to meet you on Saturday at the Peanut Butter Festival.


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