September 08, 2013

Keep It Simple Small Bath Ideas

A Realistic use of  the space and  Keeping it Simple -
The end result is a Fresh, Clean, Uncluttered small bath
With just a W h i s p e r  of Luxury

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Actually we DID DO THAT- Sooooooooooooo we spent $500. to relocate the toilet in order to make use of the over the head space on the wall. The right hardware made possible the floating shelves. Even I could do that!
And...what's not to like about the subway tiles?
Did I mention  I love Black  & White?

We went with the Keep it Simple plan...
 I forgot to mention that I invested in a new, [tastefully feminine]  shower curtain - reduced at World Market.

We had a choice. We could whine and complain that our main bathroom [mine] was too small
and a remodel would be a major expense we could not afford to tackle...Or we could make the best of what we had
We chose to focus on  the wonderful old lavatory- pedestal sink.
 That's a good thing in a small bathroom. 
The floor is those old 1inch tiles from 'days gone by'. 
We could work with that!

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