May 24, 2014

Mile Marker #9 ~ [May 18, 2014]

Nine months since August 18th, 2013....10:30 p.m.  

That night my whole world changed forever. We all knew it was coming. 
We had  a merciful 'heads up' more than a year earlier.
 Still the reality of this new life is something I could  never have imagined....
not even with another  54  years.

Quite honestly I don't know where I should be...
 I don't know where others feel I "should be" after nine months. 
 Whatever it is, I don't think I am there.
I am erratically  searching for balance in my days. 
 What does 'Centered' mean?  I think maybe that's one of the things I am wanting to be...centered.
 I need routine and structure more than ever in my life- 
I Think.

May 09, 2014

Our Mamas

Remembering Mama..
......on MOTHERS' DAY.

My Mama
[ There are too few of these pictures that have survived this past century. > This one of  [our Mamas] shows Aunt Lila Mae on left. That's my cousin Beverley Turner White's Mom. On the right is My Mama. By the way, Aunt Lila Mae cooked the best lima beans . I know that sounds strange. Lima Beans are just lima beans..but that's my memory looking forward to her steaming hot season to a t baby lima beans. I know she surely had other specialties but that's my child's memory!]

When I was a toddler it was "Mama" who allowed me to get on a stool and help make the biscuits.  I know I was in her way. That was my job-wonder how the biscuits looked..mmm. 

About Mamas~

Mother's Day Questionnaire  from Heather Graham
at Stringtown Home

1)  What is your favorite "Mama Sayin'"? I wonder if my kids remember this-When I baked cookies [we're talking 4 children y'all] They  ate them as fast as they came out of the oven and I would always say: "Okay, when they are all gone..there are no more." [Silly Me!]

2]  My "me" time is often the times I leave home for shopping, nails or pedicure and lunch at some place the 'girls' like. I am not rushed and often away all day-perhaps 4/ 5 hours..but who's counting?!

3)  What in your wardrobe  screams, "I'm a mama!"? Sorry, Heather -E L A S T I C WAIST DENIM JEANS -they scream GRAMMA instead of Mama..It's  the generic, no style, elastic waist I call "old lady Jeans."That's what I ask for.

Oh, well there are days when these serve me quite well.  Who can be stylish and smart every day of the week!

4] What is your favorite thing about being a mom? My favorite thing about being a Mom? Ahh, yes- My very favorite thing about being a Mom is seeing 'our' children as adults with loving spouses living their lives productively, and each in different ways serving the Lord God who has given us life, breath and Salvation and did I mention..I love seeing ALL OF THEM descending upon us..all walking through our front door at once with smiles, hugs and greetings.. believe me it is an AMAZING thing when all of this bunch can manage to arrive at the same time.  There's always "a story" involved.
...just a reminder  OUR CHILDREN  means our four children and their mates!