August 11, 2017

Quickly - Put Those Amazing Thoughts Down Before They Are Forgotten-

On the Road Again



Time to allow my mind to amble...ponder without goals

Without Boundaries
Let's Talk

About Home

Front Porches,
Rocking Chairs And Porch Swings

( ALL  Southern Things )

Does anyone recall the conversation (post) 

Challenging ourselves to consider  what  the word


Just allow me a few moments to search past posts and I will have total recall.
(Insert smirking here)

  • Home is recognizing twists and turns in the country roads, recalling who lived there & - things that happened here.
  • Home feels like Good memories, Sad Memories and snapshots in time all filed away in our personal memory banks
  • Home feels like being remembered
  • Home feels like being acceptedValued, Appreciated, even Treasured
  • Home feels like a good fit
  • Home has an open door..another rocker on the porch . an extra plate set at the table -
  • and a bed that can be readied for unexpected company
  • Home is  conversations that begin with "Remember when?"
  • Home feels like "Us"...
  • Home: the ultimate Group Hug