August 01, 2016

Just Bear With Me, Okay?

I have no clue where this is going. I just felt guilty when I came to this place and saw that it was getting close to a month...yes early July was the last stopover at Gramma's House. If I don't come by and visit with you now and then I fear there will be no one turning into the driveway or knocking at my door.

Since that July 8th post  there have been some pot holes along the more so than the others.

I really don't think it noteworthy to detail  every little or semi serious health issue  but when they are book ends to a real heart stopper ...well that becomes something else entirely.

There's no other way to share this...We had to say goodbye to a 51 year old daughter in law almost 3 weeks ago.  Even stopping to recall it now stops me in my tracks, so to speak.

Now I will back up and give you the story- Their story~ Steve & Carol's story.

Our oldest  waited fifty years for his wife...yes, 50 years.

When they married he was 51 years old. That was almost five years ago. 

Their meeting was a set up by Carol's sister who worked in the same building as Steve. Their first date was intentionally at a very public the early evening at a local Deli and lasted until the doors were locked...closing.

Carol truly became a Harrison when she married our Steve Harrison. in 2011. She was embraced from the start -As they approached ( showing up w flowers always) upon her first meeting with me and Ted she was laughing nervously..we learned later b/c he had just said to her:

"My mom is gonna love you.!"

And I did. We Did. She never forgot, overlooked her new in-laws, always reminding her "husband" to call his parents or schedule a visit. She messaged me regularly and called me... on her lunch walking breaks during the day just to check on me.

I can say no more than: She thought her husband was the greatest and let the world know with such ridiculous enthusiasm . Always noting to new family and friend connections that she was sure she was our favorite daughter in law.

She cherished my son, embraced his family....

I dearly loved her.

Below: Carol with Ted /her father in law.

She loved him. He loved her.


Steve & Carol

I have never seen a woman so thrilled about changing her name -

Collecting & gladly accepting decorative H's until it was time

to say "Enough with the H's Carol."

The Daughters in law...


All three uniquely different but a wonderful fit!

Where Carol was...there was fun, laughter,  drama


cooking was not a chore.

She wore that  Blue Apron  proudly -always saying

"the more the merrier"

as the guest list grew.

I don't think she taught Steve anything about cooking ...

She relished in being able to throw together a feast for a crowd.

That's what she did!

And did I mention that she loved telling anyone who would listen

what a great  catch her husband was.

One of the things I asked God to find in a wife for my son was

"A wife who thought Steve was the best"

She did!

Mr & Mrs.  -2011
Christmas Eve morning in Brundidge.

Sweet Contrasts - for Hot Summer Days in the Deep South~

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Strawberry-Lemonade Layer Cake Recipe
Photo: Hector
 Sanchez; Styling: Caroline M. Cunningham

Minty Lemonade Recipe

Photo: Helen Norman; Styling: Heather Chadduck Hillegas
Transform lemonade in seconds with a handful of fresh mint leaves. Don't chop them--keep leaves whole to avoid murky lemonade (and bits of green in your teeth).  
1 cup sugar
6 sprigs fresh rosemary
2 cups fresh lemon juice, from about 8 lemons
Cilantro Lime Jalapeño Lemonade

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