September 12, 2012

What's All the Fuss Over A Bunch of Burlap Bags?

Do you  just not 'get it' with all the fuss about finding a great deal on Burlap? Let me explain.

Some of us cannot live without Burlap..That 'some of us'  being   creative people, crafters, decorators, artists, designers, farmers, naturalists and just plain frugal home name a few.
I wish you had been with me as I stood at the front counter just taking it all in-sizing up the structure, the inventory to make a call on whether this stop was going to be worth our time.  Ted walked ahead and was pulling something out of a basket setting on the wonderful old wooden floors.  As he pulled it from the container it stretched out and he deliberately held it up for me to see exactly what he had discovered..with a funny little "hey look what I found." smile on his face. And I, being very astute quietly formed the words: "It's burlap bagssssssss!"  We both smiled a knowing smile.  "I think we have something here."  Without giving myself away as an eager prospect I was immediately standing beside him and whispering "How much?" He responded very quietly..not wanting to suggest pleasure or criticism.  We were both trying to quickly figure out just how many were in that stack.  We both knew no matter.."Those bags were MINE."
Then without even consulting with me..can't believe he did that- My smart as they come sweetheart  visually sought out the lady from the cash register and asked without raising his voice "Would you take 50% off each if we take ALL OF THEM?" The nice lady didn't know but she was willing to take it to a higher power and asked "Bobby,over there" if he would entertain the lower price- if we buy all of them  "How many?" We counted  and he almost without hesitation said 'sure.' THEY ARE MINE-  the whole bloomin' stack. And silly me [Bobby didn't need the money and just didn't care about the stinking bags] I WOULD HAVE PAID THE tag price for each and felt I'd had a great day!  the OLD CARTER'S WAREHOUSE,PLAINS,GA. 
The bags were good as new, used one time -made in India. I like this better than those in the fabric departments.  *Yes, Liz [ at ] it is time consuming. Notice I have a few finished, a stack left to do and one I am working on. Oh, the BURLAP FUR! That's Liz's discription of the fluff and fuzz mess that's left after the bags are zipped open, threads pulled for fringing and then tying  the fringes. It's a Mess! And then you have all the pulled threads in a pile..what to do with those. I recalled  having 'rag balls' from quilt scraps  for sale in the antique vendors' booths in Texas. Quilters didn't want to waste and shoppers were thrilled to pay a few dollars and display proudly.  That's where the ball came from . I expect to have several  string balls when all  bags are done with. If you are puzzled..why not? We pay for those wonderful  Decorative balls of all kinds to display in bowls on our tables.  Le'ts call it a conversation piece-hey you can add it to

This is not a 2 hour project.  I still have a stack of untouchned
peanut/burlap bags plus one I am working on. This should keep
me out of trouble for a few weeks don't you think?

This is an interesting experience on several levels.  I am not a 'city slicker' come south who is thrilled over 'crocker sacks" but am a Southern Belle...actually when I grew up in South Georgia in the 1940's-50's it was  GEORGIA CRACKERS.   Another aside here..for years I have coaxed and coached Mr. Ted to bargain with vendors. Make them a lesser offer.  Don't pay the asking price. Suggest a lower price. Finally, I think he's figured it out. That little generous gesture offering half the ticket price just saved him/me almost enough to buy lunch down the street at the Buffalo Cafe.
post script: When the string balls are finished I will add another picture for you along with whatever other craft /gift ideas I come up with while I sit and string! IDEA: if you don't want to sit and wrap string balls start yourself a box of string and use it for gift wrapping instead of buying ribbons. I use jute twine all the time for gift wrap ties-it's not costly and it's not boring! btw there may be someone on your gift list who would appreciate a burlap runner for table, buffet or mantle. How about a set of place mats or [storage] decorative boxes covered with burlap instead of the predictable red and green themes? I have some chairs that need seasonal cushion covers and we didn't even get to the Pillow list!! Have fun ya'll!

Don't forget-it's Tips & Tricks Tuesday at Stringtownhome   There's lots of sharing of good ideas for fun, food and fall decorating you will enjoy and make use of.


  1. what a great find! Congratulations!

  2. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII love it! Great job Pop! My honey is handy in the thrift store, too! I love spending time with him garage sale shopping/ or perusing through second hand shops - he loves it too! Way to go! And, they are turning out cute, cute!!


  3. When I see or think of croaker sacks...all I can think of is having to drag them suckers on & off trailers & from here to there with them having 100 pounds of pecans in them!! I will admire your creations from afar while I rub my lower back! Lol!!

  4. How funny...I just bought my first bit of burlap today. I'm hooked now! This turned out BEAUTIFULLY. The 2 hours were well worth it. Enjoy that lunch with the money you saved :)

  5. Jonell, you have been so busy, and I have had hardly any time all week for blogs. How fun to come over and find you have been so busy with such fun projects and adventures. And I even got a shout out! Woo! Thanks! You know I almost kept the strings when I was working with my burlap the other day because it looked like it would make a good nest, but then I looked at the pile of junk around me and said, "I don't need a pile of string." Now I wish I had saved it. No worries. I have plenty more burlap. Save some of those bags. I discovered they make cool seat back covers. Use them over chairs for an outdoor party. Tie something on them or whatever.
    Nice score on those bags. Fun!

  6. What a great idea! I love burlap too! I'm enjoying your blog too! Thanks for taking the time to comment on mine!

  7. wanda pitts9/12/2012

    Coolness Jonell.....I saw round burlap placemats lined with muslin that I thought was gorgeous
    . I have a stone candle holder that I have stalks of wheat in that would look good on my table on top of some burlap. I am a novice seamstress but enjoy it anyway. Wanda p.


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