September 24, 2012

Tour of Homes-The Kitchen

The Kitchen is O P E N

Again Using what you have-Naturally
Dried Garlic blooms and Yellow onions
The rooster Bookend is actually a
[cast iron] Door Stop.

What do I love most? The whole thing, of
course!! The early 1900's scales started out
at the Harrison house as a $20. find in north
Arkansas in the mid 1970's-magically became
"like new" again  2011 for $50. restoration /
I had to wait for just the right JANUARY SALE
to be willing to hand over 50%  off price for that

My sweetheart built the simple/primitive pie
safe/shelving; Our middle son gave me the
crock churn in the '70s when he was an indus-
trious hard working high school student. This
sets between the kitchen & breakfast room.

Not much of a decorating idea for you here-
I just wanted to share my WON-DER-FUL
old hanging scales with you. oops missed the
top-not the first time I have done that.
Yes they actually work

*For a picture of THE STOVE just below and to the left of the hangin scales>look to your right-the side bar and SCROLL DOWN-can't miss it. The RESTORATION of that  stove that moved with us from S.E Tx. is indeed a chapter in our LOVE STORY-it was purely a labor of unselfish love on the part of my sweetheart.

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  1. Don't even get me started on the scales, because frankly jealousy is so unbecoming, isn't it? Love the bits of your kitchen I'm getting a glimpse of!

  2. Thank you so much for linking up and Homa Style and sharing your kitchen.

  3. Thank you so much for linking to Homa Style’s No Orange Autumn Display Link Party. Your kitchen and outdoor space is incredible and I was excited to show it to my readers. Homa Style will be hosting a Simple Holiday Handmade Gift Idea Link Party {Please no sale items} on Oct 31. Hope to see you there. Thanks again!

  4. I dont guess I have ever seen garlic blooms! I love them! I love your roosters too which reminds rooster George has just started crowing! I love it!


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